D 380
Ultra High Purity Gas / Cylinder Valves / Tied Diaphragm / Tied Diaphragm /
High Flow Tube Trailer, Ton Container valve - tied diaphragm seal - pneumatic
Key advantages:
  • Reduced dead space and gas wetted volumes allow easy purging
  • Freedom of internal threads and springs ensures minimum particulate generation
  • Prevents seizure - Gas does not come into contact with the valve operating mechanism
  • Back-up welded diaphragms provide a permanent and durable gas tight seal
  • Burst Disc materials are Nickel, AISI 316L

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Specifications Data Sheet
Gas Type Pure & Ultra-pure  
Pin material AISI 316L, Nickel  
Diaphragm material Hastelloy  
Seat seal material PCTFE, PVDF, PI  
Body material AISI 316L, Hastelloy  
Helium Leak Rate at Max Pressure 1*10-8 mbar l/sec (He)  
Seat Orifice Size 4 mm 0.15748 Inches
Upper Operating Temperature Limit 65 Celsius 149 Fahrenheit
Lower Operating Temperature Limit -40 Celsius -40 Fahrenheit
CV 0.35  
Maximum Actuation Pressure 7 bar 101.5 PSI
Minimum Actuation Pressure 5 bar 72.5 PSI
Upper Limit Working Pressure 200 bar 2900 PSI
Spindle material AISI 316L, Hastelloy  
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