Sep 27, 2017

How Compact & Modular Switch Over Boards Optimize Gas System Design

You Save Space and Improve Piping Layouts While Ensuring High Performance
How Compact & Modular Switch Over Boards Optimize Gas System Design

When choosing a specialty gas switch over board, the key factors driving your decision are likely to be proven performance and durability, as well as overall product ergonomics, design and installation.

In most installations, available space in the central supply room is limited. This creates a real challenge for designers to come up with a gas supply system layout that has the smallest footprint. So Rotarex engineers went to work to find ways to make it easier for you to design space-efficient systems.

Concentrating on switch over boards, they started by developing ultra-compact units.
Then, cartridge technology was used to optimize mechanics and, as a side benefit, make maintenance simpler. Next, the engineers created a modular design with options that give you the flexibility to configure the switch over board to achieve the best system layout:

  • Semi-automatic or manual switch over
  • 4 different combinations of inlet/outlet pressures
  • Multiple option choice to customize each product selection: purge valve, outlet valve, outlet pressure regulator, or digital pressure sensors for remote monitoring, …

You can place the switch over board wherever you want it in the system design, since it comes ready-to-install, with all components pre-mounted on a panel.

To sum it up, Rotarex' new compact and modular switch over boards help you achieve a gas system design that optimizes space with a dedicated product selection according to your own needs.

We've achieved this compact and modular design while preserving the outstanding performance our best-selling switch over boards are known for. Manufactured with premium quality, they are built with rigorously tested components that deliver exceptionally stable outlet pressure, optimize specialty gas compatibility and ensure a long product lifetime. A reliable automatic switching mechanism ensures there is no interruption to the gas supply, and integrated filters have been developed that improve functionality while preventing gas contamination risk. As well, with small dead volumes in the overall design, purge gas consumption is reduced — and, there is easy and safe access to all functions and serviceable components.

If you would like to know more about our innovative, space-efficient switch over board range, please contact us.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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