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In 1922, A.T. Schmitz founded the company that has become Rotarex. In the decades since then, under the guidance of several generations of the Schmitz family, Rotarex has grown steadily and is now a world leader in gas control products, systems and solutions. We’ve accomplished this thanks to…

  • Technical Excellence
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Responsive Service
We invite you to scroll through our history timeline to see the events, breakthroughs and expansion that have shaped today’s Rotarex.

1922 - 1935: EARLY YEARS

In 1922, A.T. Schimtz opens the “Ceodeux” company in Luxembourg to produce CO2 gas. In 1926, the company starts producing cylinder valves for CO2 & acetylene gases.
  • A.T. Schmitz instilled Rotarex' core values: technical excellence, quality and innovation

  • Many gas companies and local industry choose the company’s superior quality cylinder valves.

  • One of the first of our expertise-driven innovations is the pedal activated Hermeticus faucet.

  • Our first plant is established in Lintgen, Luxembourg, what is now the site of Rotarex’ worldwide headquarters.

1935 - 1947: Valve Innovator

Our reputation for advanced cylinder valve designs led many companies to ask us to develop new products, and these innovations drove our quick success in the Benelux market.
  • From the early years to the present, manufacturing is done only in Rotarex facilities to better control the company’s high standards of quality and purity.

  • In 1946, Ceodeux helps with reconstruction as the U.S. army asked us to supply Schrader valves – and helped us purchase 3 high-speed machines, giving us a significant manufacturing advantage.

  • In 1947, Edgard Schmitz becomes CEO and quickly expands into the fast-growing LPG segment, develops precision manufacturing advantages and forms strong relationships with major gas producers.

1947 - 1976: Regional Leader

By increasing manufacturing capacity and installing the latest German high-speed automated machines, we become a regional leader by producing high-quality, precision products at best cost.
  • Gaining a competitive edge, we double capacity and install high-speed automated machines built in Germany to our exact specifications.

  • Along with developing a revolutionary LPG safety valve, we support high-tech and analytical lab markets by creating the first pneumatic valve and manual UHP valve.

  • In 1972 we developed new valves for fire suppression systems, including fixed-system fire cylinder valves that accommodate changing European regulations.

  • In 1976, Jean-Claude Schmitz takes over leadership of the company from his father and embarks on an ambitious global development program.

1976 - 1989: Accelerating Growth

Moving from a regional leader to a global leader, we made significant investments in R&D, implemented leading-edge production techniques while ensuring precision and quality, and began purchasing outstanding, complimentary companies.
  • To accelerate the pace of innovation and accommodate the many design requests from customers, we created our first dedicated R&D center in 1977.

  • To ensure quality, in 1979 we made an important investment in a quality inspection lab and technology to remain best-in-class – plus we engaged independent inspector APRAGAS.

  • The 1980’s saw us search for new technologies through acquisition of 5 of the world’s most advanced gas equipment companies – giving us one of the most complete gas equipment ranges.

  • We followed up our pioneering design of a best-selling diaphragm valve family for high and ultra high purity gas with the world’s first block manifold which improves safety and saves space.

1989 - 2000: Becoming Rotarex

With a global presence and product portfolio extending across multiple applications and gas types, we outgrew the “Ceodeux” name and became Rotarex – and the rate of global expansion accelerated.
  • The 1990’s were filled with breakthrough innovations, such as residual pressure valves and the 80% fill-stop filling valves for LPG – a major safety improvement that became a required design standard.

  • In 1995, to complement our UHP range, we acquired SELFA, S.A., France’s leading producer of cylinder valves for UHP and cryogenic applications – gaining new technologies and markets.

  • To accelerate innovation and development of new technologies, we acquired the prototype division of Electrolux, forming the Rotarex Rapid Development Group

  • We made another important acquisition in 1999, when Merobel, S.A., the leading producer of line valves and pressure regulators for oxygen pipeline applications, becomes part of Rotarex.

2000 - 2010: Global Expansion

Opening new offices and factories while continuing to acquire innovative companies we’ve created a global sales, service and supply chain infrastructure that delivers highly responsive service.
  • This decade has seen significant acquisitions and sales office expansion, with the acquisition of SRG Schulz & Rackow Gastechnik, IBERGAS, CMT and SAGANA and opening of 10 new sales offices.

  • In 2004, we consolidated our automotive business into a new division & became one of the first to develop new technologies, cylinder valves + components for vehicles fueled by LPG, CNG or H2.

  • Our outstanding cryogenic cylinder valve technology, operating flawlessly in temperatures well below -190° C, helps launch the Ariane rocket & send satellites into space.

  • Leveraging our broad knowledge base and diverse expertise, we developed BubbleBox, a simple, innovative way to enjoy sparkling water directly from the tap.

2011 - Present: Global Leadership

Continuing our rapid growth, we are investing in new technologies and equipment while delivering the highest-quality products and systems and responding quickly to customer needs worldwide.
  • In 2011, we launched the FireDETEC UL and FM approved compact, automatic fire suppression systems that protect business-critical objects such as vehicle engines, stove hoods, CNC machines and more.

  • Digital technologies are a key innovation focus for us – and this new MLD is a good example, sensing phase-change in LPG so LPG-powered forklift operators know when their tank is almost empty.

  • By combining mechanical and electronic technologies, we develop more precise ways to control gas and deliver better performance – as seen with this mechatronic regulator for CNG powered automobiles.

  • Now, Rotarex is still a family-led enterprise with + €150 million in annual turnover, a global service infrastructure of 1200 employees across 10 global factories, 6 R&D centers and 23 sales centers serving 65 countries.


Today’s Rotarex is the gas control industry’s innovation leader. When companies worldwide need products that enable new technologies and systems, they turn to us. And it’s been that way since our first Ceodeux valves won innovation awards in the 1920’s, propelling us into the top tier of cylinder valve manufacturers. We’ve never stopped inventing, designing, prototyping and manufacturing first-of-a-kind products that solve industry challenges and invent new, safer ways of working.


  • Rapid response R&D infrastructure
  • Applied innovations such as the integrated valve
  • Breadth of technology across regions worldwide
  • Crossover solutions from one application to another

Rotarex Corporate Video

Rotarex Corporate Video

Learn about Rotarex’ premium quality cylinder valves, pressure regulators & gas control equipment…

Rotarex SRG

Rotarex SRG

SRG Schulz + Rackow Gastechnik – LPG valve, LPG pressure regulator & LPG level gauge manufacturer.


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