New Industrial 'VIPR' Valve Is Here–The Ready-To-Use Device For All Your Welding Applications
Introducing the Industrial Valve with Integrated Pressure Regulator (VIPR)—Just Plu & Weld
Say goodbye to separate components with multiple leak points that can be difficult to connect, clean & purge—Industrial VIPR Valve from Rotarex is the all-in-one solution

Lintgen, Luxembourg 15 May 2018——Rotarex Indutec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, is proud to introduce its new Industrial VIPR Valve, the world's first valve with integrated pressure regulator for welding applications.

Unlike traditional systems that require end users to manage separate components with multiple leak points that can be difficult to connect, clean and purge, Industrial VIPR Valve from Rotarex is a first-of-its-kind, all-in-one solution with all components in a single assembly.

Not only are leak points reduced, but end users benefit from higher-precision flow settings. Easy-to-read manometers give end users visibility on gas levels in a single glance, with low- and high-pressure gauges are integrated into the main body. In all, the Industrial VIPR Valve integrates 9 functions into a single valve, including shot-off valve, pressure regulator with gauge, flowmeter and more in a compact, mono-body design.

The Industrial VIPR Valve's high-quality components come with a 10-year lifetime warranty. Factor in the reductions in gas consumption thanks to its adjustable pressure regulator and integrated manometers that reduce potential damage, and the Industrial VIPR Valve makes for a safer, more value-packed solution.

The Industrial VIPR Valve is available exclusively from Rotarex service centers and distributors worldwide.

About Rotarex
Rotarex designs and manufactures the widest range of very high-quality gas control products for delivering peak performance—giving sellers, users or installers of gas equipment confidence that their projects will achieve better success. With over 100 patents in its portfolio, ISO certified manufacturing standards and unmatched source through production quality control, Rotarex products perform better, require less maintenance and have a longer life. Rotarex is present 65 countries worldwide and serves Asian customers in China and beyond from its offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, New Delhi and Dubai.

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Today’s Rotarex is the gas control industry’s innovation leader. When companies worldwide need products that enable new technologies and systems, they turn to us. And it’s been that way since our first Ceodeux valves won innovation awards in the 1920’s, propelling us into the top tier of cylinder valve manufacturers. We’ve never stopped inventing, designing, prototyping and manufacturing first-of-a-kind products that solve industry challenges and invent new, safer ways of working.


  • Rapid response R&D infrastructure
  • Applied innovations such as the integrated valve
  • Breadth of technology across regions worldwide
  • Crossover solutions from one application to another

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