Apr 26, 2024
Get to know the IT Helpdesk job at Rotarex
Rotarex offers a wide variety of career opportunities, let’s discover a new one!
We are pleased to highlight the job of our IT Helpdesk team and its daily work by sharing some information and pictures with you. Find out what an IT Helpdesk does at Rotarex!
Get to know the IT Helpdesk job at Rotarex

What is the job of the IT Helpdesk team at Rotarex?

The IT Helpdesk team provides the IT elements needed to enable all Rotarex employees to work optimally. The department delivers hardware (PCs, laptops, smartphones), installs software, assigns access rights, ensures IT security, manages 'micro-projects' (such as migrating all users to a software, preparing a new PC model, adapting certain processes to suit different departments, etc.) and assists employees with their questions/problems. At Rotarex in particular, the team does not limit itself to one subject, but is truly multitasking!

What is the perfect profile for an IT Helpdesk?

An IT Helpdesk operator needs to be able to handle stress and have good social skills. You need to show empathy, active listening and the ability to ask the right questions to find the most effective solution.

Adaptability is essential; both culturally and linguistically in order to help international users; and in terms of constant technological innovation. Last but not least, you need to be flexible when it comes to working hours, in order to deal with emergencies.

A typical day in the IT Helpdesk?

At Rotarex, every day is different and represents a new challenge, mixing routine with crisis situations or changes. Whether it is the deployment of a new software, dealing with a hardware problem in production, or managing access rights, every day is full of small successes. The team gets daily satisfaction from helping employees on site, and around the world.

What are the department's day-to-day interactions?

The IT Helpdesk interacts mainly with internal customers (users, other IT teams), but also with suppliers (hardware and software) or external companies.

What's the superpower of our IT Helpdesk specialists?

Logic and curiosity are the main assets of our IT Helpdesk specialists. They must also be able to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Composition and organization of the IT Helpdesk team

The IT Helpdesk team counts around ten people. Mainly in Luxembourg, but also in India, China, the Czech Republic and South Korea, to cover all time zones.

The team in India also manages the 'first line', which provides telephone support and redirections according to the encountered problems. On average, the whole team closes 600 tickets a month.

What do you like best about your job?

The team spirit with genuine mutual assistance within the department, the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, and the international environment are part of the job's attractions.

Any advice for someone who wants to join your team?

In a few words: Have strong nerves and a good dose of humor to take on new technological challenges!

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