May 11, 2017

Our Industry-First Electronic Level Gauge Highlighted at AEGPL 2017

We're looking forward to the AEGPL Congress that takes place this June in Lisbon. For over 70 years, Rotarex SRG has created many breakthrough LPG gas control products and we're now the recognized leader in premium quality LPG valves, regulators and equipment.
Our Industry-First Electronic Level Gauge Highlighted at AEGPL 2017

We’ve become an industry leader thanks to our technical engineering excellence gained over decades of experience and our strong commitment to innovation.

At the AEGPL Congress this year, we'll show several innovative products for LPG automotive and camping applications. These will be featured alongside our comprehensive range of LPG valves and regulators.

Visit Rotarex SRG at Booth F11 and F12.
The AEGPL Congress takes place June 21-22, 2017.

Featured in our booth will be the industry's first electronic level gauge (ELG) that is a solid state, capacitive level probe for LPG cars, trucks and forklifts. By going from a mechanical to an electronic gauge, the ELG eliminates the need to translate the signal from analog to digital. Accuracy is improved and you get a faster readout. And since the ELG is fully electronic, there are no moving parts to generate an electric signal – making it very durable and long-lasting.

We have another breakthrough product to show that is sure to get the attention of visitors who are in the camping industry. When it comes to portable cylinders, the size and weight of the LPG cylinder valve, regulator and other components are important considerations. The smaller and more lightweight the equipment, the easier it is for users to handle, transport and store the cylinders. Any manufacturer who provides a more convenient-to-use cylinder can gain an important competitive advantage. That's why we applied our deep integrated valve experience to develop a camping multivalve that combines 5 individual valves into one. More compact and lighter weight, it's approved for automotive gas stations and includes an 80% fill-stop valve, real level indication, pressure release valve, fast fill port and a service connection.

And we have another innovative LPG multivalve to show — our new multivalve for forklifts that integrates all functions into one body. It's also available with an optional 80% fill-stop function which allows for low-emission safe filling at both vertical and horizontal cylinder positions.

As part of our dedicated automotive line-up, we're highlighting the MLD low propane fuel gauge for LPG forklifts. It is a plug-and-play device that alerts drivers when it is time to replace the LPG tank. MLD saves money, reduces downtime and improves operational safety.

Of course, booth visitors will see our best-in-class LPG valves, including tank valves and filling valves, plus a full range of LPG regulators. Built with premium quality, all deliver a long lifetime of service and lower total cost of ownership.

Rotarex SRG has gained a deep level of expertise that enables it to respond quickly to customer requests for innovative solutions that solve operational challenges. My colleagues and I are looking forward to sharing our expertise with AEGPL attendees who are looking for innovative solutions for their current projects. If you'd like to arrange a private appoint at AEGPL, please contact me.

Fendi Choi
Fendi Choi
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