Nov 07, 2016
At MEDICA 2016 See Telemetric VIPRs & New Products That Improve Medical Gas Safety
MEDICA 2016 is coming up soon and we’re particularly excited about the innovative products we’ll be showing this year. Since Rotarex Meditec is leading the way in applying digital and telemetric technologies to improve medical gas safety, we’re featuring our new electronic VIPR valves.
At MEDICA 2016 See Telemetric VIPRs & New Products That Improve Medical Gas Safety

We’ll demonstrate how digital measurement gives better medical gas control accuracy and safer patient therapy by making it easier for caregivers to monitor system contents and time remaining. Plus, you’ll find out that our new VIPRs enable telemetric communication to a remote device for added safety and convenience.

Also on display will be our new ALPI-Connect System. A terminal unit board that installs in the patient room above the bed, it’s a plug-and-play system that allows easy access to oxygen, air or any other medical gas that is available. With this product, we now offer a complete medical gas distribution system. From gas supply to the patient, we provide every component a hospital or clinic needs to deliver therapeutic medical gas. Built with the highest quality to ensure safety, the fully compatible ALPI line of products features intuitive, user-friendly functionality. And this new ALPI-Connect terminal board is designed to be aesthetically pleasing in any hospital room.

If you’re interested in equipment for oxygen therapy, come see our next-generation of ALPINOX medical pressure regulators. They make it easier for caregivers to set the prescribed oxygen flow, thanks to an advanced, user-friendly design. This will increase caregiver confidence that they can administer safer oxygen therapy to patients. 30% lighter, ALPINOX is easier to carry and handle, and a new plastic outer protective shell makes it very resistant to impact and environmental damage.

And there’s a lot more to see. We’re showing a complete range of components for hospital and laboratory medical gas supply systems, plus portable oxygen systems for emergency and homecare applications — all built with premium quality to ensure medical gas safety over a long lifetime of service.

Again, our booth number is C25 and you can find us in Hall 11. If you would like to make a personal appointment with a Rotarex Meditec representative during the event, please contact me.

Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer
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