Feb 25, 2016
Calculate Exactly How Much Money You Will Save with MLD
Until now, it’s a fact that there’s not been a reliable way to judge how much propane is remaining in a cylinder. This has lead to a lot of very “creative” solutions to keep propane forklifts from running out of gas. Here are a few…
Calculate Exactly How Much Money You Will Save with MLD

Don’t run out of gas #1
A driver actually lets the forklift run out of gas, giving them a chance to take a nice walk back to the exchange where they can joke around with some buddies before they leisurely stroll back to the stranded forklift.

Result: Loss of Money

Don’t run out of gas #2
A driver has learned from experience how long a cylinder can go. But every day is different. Some have longer runs and others have more downtime. So sometimes they run out of gas, and other times they exchange the cylinder while a lot of propane remains.

Result: Loss of Money

Don’t run out of gas #3
A driver automatically changes the tank at the beginning or end of a shift – or at a designated time during a shift. We’ve determined through a study we conducted in our warehouse that this approach results in up to 23% of the propane gas remaining unused in the cylinder.

Result: Loss of Money

Clearly, we can conclude that all the current methods of keeping a propane forklift from running out of gas result in a loss of money. This can become pretty significant over time. Unless, that is, you install the proven reliable MLD minimum propane level detector from Rotarex SRG. It turns all the “out of gas” scenarios upside down. Effectively, it acts like a low propane fuel gauge.

By accurately detecting the change in LPG from its liquid to vapor phase, it alerts the forklift driver when it is time to change the cylinder. Enough propane remains to allow them to finish a task and return to the exchange cabinet.

There’s no more running out of gas. No more wasting gas.
But how much money will you really save? Is it worth investing in MLD?

Find out for yourself. We’ve developed a calculator that allows you to plug in your own data. It’s quick and simple to use. Plus, you can choose liters or gallons and either USD, Canadian Dollars or Euros. I think you’ll be surprised to see how much you’ll save.

Keep in mind that we’ve been conservative in the calculator by using 12% as the amount of unused gas thrown away – not the 23% we found with our internal study. So you’ll likely save even more.

Be sure to download the PDF of your results so you can share it with your colleagues.

Go to the calculator now!

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