Aug 17, 2017

We are Highlighting our UL-Listed INEREX® Inert Gas System Components at China Fire 2017

China Fire 2017 takes place this year in Beijing, from the 5th through the 8th of September.
We are Highlighting our UL-Listed INEREX® Inert Gas System Components at China Fire 2017

China is a fast-growing market for us and we would like to invite engineers, installers and distributors of fire suppression systems to visit Rotarex Firetec in Booth # W3-228A. We have many exciting things to present, including our new INEREX™ set of components that forms a complete 200-300 bar total flooding inert gas fire suppression system that is UL-approved. This certification by one of the world's most prestigious testing agencies gives users confidence that their system will perform exactly as required in case of fire.

Choosing the UL-approved INEREX system offers several important advantages. First, engineers and installers don't have to invest the substantial time and money that is necessary to achieve certification. We've already done it so they don't have to. Every component, from fire cylinder valves, actuators, pressure regulators to nozzles & more – was tested multiple times. And second, by sourcing all components from one vendor, installers save time and hassle...and by offering a complete set of components, distributors can increase sales.

We've designed INEREX to be flexible and easy to install, using technologies that save space, time and money. You can locate cylinders further from the protection zone since, the pipe run length is virtually unlimited. And discharge pressure reducers mean you can use a smaller bore, lower grade piping.

Visitors to our booth will also see our game-changing FireDETEC automatic fire protection systems. FireDETEC is installed directly inside an essential piece of machinery or equipment, providing instant fire detection and fast fire suppression at the source of the fire. This way, damage is kept to a minimum and the total flooding system is not activated — preventing costly clean-up and potential damage to other equipment. It's a great way to ensure that a business can suffer a fire and still stay operational.

FireDETEC creates an excellent opportunity for distributors as they can generate additional revenue by calling on current customers and offering supplemental fire protection. This adds value to the relationship and can give them a competitive advantage.

FireDETEC systems are pre-engineered for electrical cabinets, CNC machines, commercial kitchens, fume cabinets, vehicle engines and more. For businesses that would like economical fire protection for commercial vehicles, we now have new cylinder sizes available for all vehicle types and sizes.

There's a lot more to see in our booth, such as our new DIMES digital cylinder contents measurement system that ensures cylinder readiness 24/7/365. Plus, you'll see our just-released UL listed electronic directional valve and control box. It provides easy electronically-actuated multi-zone protection from a single cylinder rack. 

We look forward to seeing you at China Fire! If you'd like to arrange a private appointment, please contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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