Oct 24, 2017
See How Our Digital Technologies Improve Medical Gas Safety at MEDICA 2017
And How Cartridge Technology Transforms Medical Gas Terminal Units
See How Our Digital Technologies Improve Medical Gas Safety at MEDICA 2017

MEDICA 2017 is just around the corner and we're looking forward to showing booth visitors how our digital VIPR valves deliver better accuracy and safety while improving care giver productivity. How did we accomplish this? We've replaced the analog pressure gauge dial with an easy-to-read digital display and deployed software that calculates exact cylinder contents from continual pressure sensor and temperature measurements. Plus, we've added a readout that shows the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder and the remaining time of use. We've even enabled telemetric communication to a remote device for added safety and convenience.
At MEDICA 2017 Rotarex Meditec to show digital VIPR valves, ALPI-CONNECT terminal units and more innovative products.

You are welcome to visit us at booth Hall 11 Stand C25.

And we'll be showing many more innovative products, such as our ALPI-CONNECT medical gas terminal units. A visionary new approach, ALPI-CONNECT eliminates the need to dismantle the bed head unit to maintain gas terminal sockets. By consolidating all components that are subject to wear and tear into a removable cartridge, it can simply be removed from the base block for maintenance. This can even be done when the system is under pressure. The base block and connectors remain in place as the replacement cartridge is inserted, so the system is quickly back in service. Best of all, there's hardly any downtime and maintenance expense is greatly reduced.

With ALPI-CONNECT, we now offer all the components you need to build a complete medical gas distribution system. From gas supply to the patient, we provide every component a hospital or clinic needs to deliver therapeutic medical gas.

For MEDICA attendees interested in equipment for oxygen therapy, our re-designed ALPINOX medical regulators remove the guesswork from oxygen flow adjustment. Simple and intuitive to manipulate, they feature an easy-to-use flow selector knob that makes it simple for even untrained caregivers to correctly set the oxygen flow. This is particularly important in home oxygen therapy situations.

We’re also showing a complete range of components for hospital and laboratory medical gas supply systems, plus portable oxygen systems for emergency and homecare applications.  As with all Rotarex Meditec products, they are all built with premium quality that ensures the highest level of medical gas safety over a long lifetime of service.

If you would like to make a personal appointment with a Rotarex Meditec representative during MEDICA 2017, please contact me.

Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer
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