May 03, 2017
Why Automatic Fire Protection for Individual CNC Machines Makes Sense
CNC machines are vital for machine shops and manufacturing companies. But, if you combine heat, hot metal chips, dust and debris with oil-based lubricants and static electricity, and the risk of fire is ever-present.
Why Automatic Fire Protection for Individual CNC Machines Makes Sense

A CNC machine fire can start without warning and cause a lot of damage in seconds. Your valuable machine could be seriously damaged and out of operation for weeks. And, if the fire spreads to the rest of your facility, it could put you out of business.

Many people don't know that CNC machine fires can be automatically extinguished within seconds. So, it's unfortunate that thousands of businesses still experience damaging CNC machine fires every year. Many of these fires happened even when there was an operator present.

If you are attending EASTEC, 2017 in West Springfield MA, it's worth stopping by the Rotarex Firetec booth # 5000 to find out how the FireDETEC automatic fire suppression system protects individual CNC machines. You'll see how it detects and suppresses a fire so fast that, often, there is no damage to the machine.

Here's how FireDETEC works...

Proprietary sensor tubing is easily installed directly inside the machine. Pressurized with dry nitrogen to 16 bar, it is extremely reactive to heat. If a flame up occurs, the heat of the fire causes the tube to burst at the hottest spot. Sudden tube depressurization actuates a pressure differential valve that instantly floods the entire protection zone with an extinguishing agent. The fire is suppressed moments after it began.

FireDETEC is UL and FM-approved. You can choose from 2 extinguishing agents: Dupont FM-200® fire suppression or 3M NOVEC 1230 Fluid. FireDETEC is pre-engineered for CNC machines and, since it requires no electricity and has no moving parts, it is ultra-reliable. Plus, it's flexible and space efficient.

FireDETEC is quite economical — especially when you consider the expense of repairing a fire-damaged machine, cleaning up after a sprinkler system discharge or shutting down production. It's also very cost-effective versus mechanical or electronic systems.

Installing FireDETEC inside your CNC machines gives you automatic fire detection and fire suppression that ensures the continuity of your business operations. If you can't make it to EASTEC, please contact a Rotarex Firetec expert now to understand why FireDETEC CNC machine fire protection makes sense for your business.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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