Mar 15, 2016

FireDETEC is a Tested Recipe for Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection

All it takes is the right combination of ingredients to ignite a commercial kitchen fire. Grease and fat build up in ductwork or flue, oven flame up, too high temperature in the fryer, hot oil splatter, overheated pans, faulty appliances – any of these could start a serious fire.
FireDETEC is a Tested Recipe for Commercial Kitchen Fire Protection

Insurance data shows that nearly all property losses in restaurants exceeding 100,000 euros are a result of fire.* But the most damaging problem a fire causes for restaurants is loss of revenue and client goodwill that is not reimbursed by insurance. This forces a high percentage of restaurants – especially small to mid-sized businesses – to close after a major fire.

In most developed countries, commercial kitchens are required to install an automatic fire suppression system above cooking areas. Most traditional systems use electric or thermal bulb sensors that can be complicated and expensive. It is a cost that is often difficult for small to mid-sized kitchens to support.

This prompted us to take our groundbreaking FireDETEC® supplemental fire suppression technology and pre-engineer a system specifically for small to mid-sized commercial kitchens.

FireDETEC is a whole new approach to fire suppression. It is installed outside the exhaust duct, above the cooking zone. A perfect solution for small to mid-sized kitchens, the FireDETEC system is designed for a 3-nozzle configuration that protects 2 cooking zones and one exhaust duct.

Here’s what gives FireDETEC its unique advantages. FireDETEC systems use a pneumatic sensor tube to automatically detect a fire and actuate the release of an extinguishing agent. If a flame up occurs, the heat of the fire causes the pressurized sensor tube to burst at the hottest spot. This triggers the valve to open, flooding the cooking area with an effective Class F extinguishing agent that is ideal for grease fires.

The pneumatic detection tube system is simple and low cost, making FireDETEC up to 30% less expensive than high-end alternatives. Plus, installation is much easier thanks to the flexibility of the tubing, which saves a lot of time and money.

And how can you be confident FireDETEC will work? Rely on the certification from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). They tested it under the harshest conditions and have certified its quality, safety and performance.

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Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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