Mar 21, 2016

FireDETEC Supplemental Fire Suppression Systems Now Available with NOVEC™ 1230

Rotarex Firetec announces the launch of its FireDETEC object protection systems with NOVEC™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. The system is a private label of Fire Fluid Technologies, Inc, utilizing the proven FireDETEC technology, and carrying the UL and FM listing approval.
FireDETEC Supplemental Fire Suppression Systems Now Available with NOVEC™ 1230

Now, FireDETEC pre-engineered systems are available with CO2, FM-200 suppression agents in addition to the NOVEC™ 1230 Fluid.

NOVEC™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid from the 3M company is one of the leading and fastest-growing HFC alternatives that works quickly, cleanly and efficiently to suppress a fire. The Fluid is gaining popularity worldwide for its neutral environmental profile. With the addition of our new NOVEC™ 1230 systems, our customers now have a stronger choice of proven-effective halon-substitute suppression agents, particularly where they are concerned about environmental impact.

FireDETEC systems represent a new approach in fire suppression. They are designed to protect individual objects at high risk to fire, such as vehicle engines, electrical cabinets, CNC machines and chemical handling cabinets. Installed directly inside this business-critical machinery and equipment, it suppresses a fire at its source. By extinguishing a fire quickly before it can spread, damage is minimal – and is limited to a small area. There is no need for the major cleanup that is often necessary after a fire protection system discharge — and businesses can stay up and running without losing productivity or revenue.

Affordable and easy to install, it has been proven effective in rigorous testing that led to UL and FM certifications. To learn more, please contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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