Mar 23, 2016
Here is How the MLD Low Propane Fuel Gauge Improves Forklift Safety
When a propane forklift runs out of gas in the middle of a task, you know there is downtime. But you may not have considered the safety risks.
Here is How the MLD Low Propane Fuel Gauge Improves Forklift Safety

Hauling propane cylinders long distances often leads to serious injury.
Since a forklift without a low propane fuel gauge can run out of gas unexpectedly during a task, the breakdown can occur a long distance from the exchange cabinet. In larger warehouses, drivers could haul an empty propane cylinder 300 to 400 yards (274 - 365 meters) to the exchange cabinet, then make the return trip with a much heavier, full cylinder. This puts the driver at high risk for a serious back, shoulder, knee or other injury.

Falling items from a load at full extension can crush workers.
The most common forklift accidents occur when a load is elevated and poorly stacked or piled on the pallet, the pallet is in poor repair or the load is too heavy. There is a real risk of items falling and crushing workers. In this situation, when a forklift runs out of gas at the moment a load is elevated, the risk of injury is the highest. All it takes to bring an unbalanced load down would be for the dead forklift to be bumped by another lift passing through the narrow aisle space or be jostled by passersby.

Blocking of aisles could cause pedestrian accidents.
When a forklift breaks down, it often blocks an aisle. Unfortunately, this contributes to a number of pedestrian accidents. We all know it’s hard to back up a forklift safely - and not that easy to turn it in a confined space. And if there is a heavy load in front, a driver’s visibility can be reduced. So when working forklifts manoeuver to avoid the stranded forklift and get out of the blocked aisle, there is a significant risk of hitting pedestrians.

Forklift mast failure can lead to serious accidents.
While rare, failure of the lift chain, cylinder rod, mast-guide plate or hose could lead to an unrestricted descent of a forklift’s lift mechanism. The safety risk is increased if the LPG forklift is stranded with an elevated load for an extended period of time, due to running out of gas.

The best insurance against these propane forklift safety risks is to install the MLD low propane fuel gauge. Very affordable and proven reliable, MLD alerts the forklift driver when it is time to change the cylinder. At this point there is enough propane remaining to allow them to finish a task and return safely to the exchange cabinet. Best of all, warehouse safety is significantly improved.

MLD is manufactured by Rotarex SRG, a world leader in premium LPG valves and regulators with decades of service to the LPG industry. If you’d like more information about MLD, please contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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