Aug 30, 2016

How We Have Increased Lab Productivity with a Mount-Anywhere Point-of-Use

Recently, we took a close look at how analytical labs install and use a point-of-use (POU) for specialty gas applications. What we found varied greatly from lab to lab, but they all had two things in common.
How We Have Increased Lab Productivity with a Mount-Anywhere Point-of-Use

First, bench work flow was dictated by where it was possible to mount the gas supply pressure POUs. This often resulted in wasted space or unwanted clutter. Second, using the POU required movements and actions that were often awkward and not intuitive. This inefficiency resulted in lost time and could even pose a safety risk.

Taken together, we realized that current POU design has a negative impact on lab productivity. And we set out to solve the problem. 

Our first goal? Build a POU that could be mounted anywhere so bench configuration could be optimized for best work flow without being restricted by the location of the specialty gas supply stations.

To make this happen, our engineering team started by reducing weight by 25% and size by 30% over standard POUs – with no loss in precision. Then, they developed ceiling, panel, table and wall mounting versions for ultimate flexibility in calibration gas supply location – and even made it possible to place one POU every 8 cm horizontally. Finally, they developed an “easy-fix” pre-positioning system that prevents rotation during installation and tightening, making the POU fast and simple to mount.

Our second goal? Build the safest, most efficient POU by making it easy and intuitive to use.

Our Rotarex engineers accomplished this by having all key functions visible at a glance and by developing an ergonomically-friendly design. The POU’s high-tech design integrates a pressure gauge into the pressure regulator, and each model can be equipped with an optional flow control valve. Now, it’s easy to check the cylinder valve opening, even from far away, as users have 360º visibility of the ¼ turn shut-off valve. The engineers also added high contrast color selection to clearly differentiate the controls from the fixed parts and make it easy to see the gauge and on/off position.

Now that we accomplished our goals, we named this next-generation POU “Linestar.” For use with all types of specialty gases, it gives users maximum convenience while improving lab safety and productivity.

Of course, we’ve ensured accurate performance by integrating into the Linestar POU a pressure regulator, shut off valve and optional flow control valve. Fully compatible with 6.0 gas purity, Linestar is able to deliver highly precise pressure reduction and flow. And we’ve built it with best quality materials, ensuring durability and chemical compatibility.

Learn more about Linestar.


Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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