Oct 09, 2015
Introducing MLD Minimum Level Detector for LPG Forklifts
At SRG we’re always talking with our customers to help them solve problems and improve their operations. One thing we’ve heard over and over from warehouse and operations managers is how annoying it is to have a forklift run out of gas in the middle of a shift.
Introducing MLD Minimum Level Detector for LPG Forklifts

Forklift operators often have to trek a long way back to the exchange cabinet to grab a new LPG cylinder and then lug it all the way back to the dead lift. Not only is this a waste of time, but there’s also a real risk that workers can suffer a serious injury while hauling a heavy tank.

The usual way forklift operators protect against running out of gas is to simply put on a new cylinder when they think the old one is about empty — usually at the end of a shift. But they have no sure way of knowing how much gas is really left in the tank. So we conducted a comprehensive study and found out that, on average, there is 23% of LPG gas remaining in the cylinder when it is replaced. This means our customers were losing money by throwing away a lot of their LPG gas. When they realized this, they wanted a solution – and they wanted it fast.

Plus, in another scenario, drivers can run the forklift dry and find themselves stranded in the middle of warehouse. Then, they either replace the cylinder, crank on the starter to move it back to the cylinder storage cabinet, or even tow it back.

I’m Ingo Weinert, Managing Director of Rotarex SRG - a leading provider of premium quality valves and regulators for the LPG industry. I’m pleased to announce that we responded quickly to our customers’ needs and developed the industry’s first working minimum level detector system for LPG-powered forklifts. Called MLD, it is very easy to install and its benefits are clear:


  • You save money by minimizing the waste of LPG gas
  • Downtime is significantly reduced - with an up to 12% improvement
  • Maintenance is reduced as drivers don’t need to stress the starter by trying to start or move a forklift with an empty tank
  • Worker safety is improved and accidents reduced


And I’d like to point out one more key benefit…if a forklift stops cold in the middle of a lift or transfer of goods, you could have a dangerous situation on your hands. With the MLD system, you avoid this. The operator is notified when the tank is getting low, leaving plenty of time to safely complete a task and get back to the exchange cabinet.

SRG has been in the LPG business since 1934, giving it an unmatched level of expertise and technical know-how. This is how we can quickly develop innovative products that solve industry specific challenges. And it’s why we’ve been able to be the first to bring many LPG valves and regulators to the marketplace that have changed the way business is done – making it safer and more economical while increasing productivity.

In future blogs, I’ll describe how MLD works and give use case examples. In the meantime, to learn more please contact me.

Fabrice Ficerai
Fabrice Ficerai
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