May 30, 2017

How Advanced Digital Technologies Improve Medical Oxygen Therapy

Exciting advances in digital technologies now make it possible to improve the accuracy and safety of medical gas therapy — and increase care giver productivity.
How Advanced Digital Technologies Improve Medical Oxygen Therapy

At Rotarex Meditec, we're taking a leading role in applying these new technologies to the valves and pressure/flow regulators that ensure the uninterrupted, smooth flow of therapeutic medical gas from the source to the patient.

By using digital technologies, Rotarex Meditec has replaced the analog pressure gauge dial with an easy-to-read digital display that makes it very fast and easy for care givers to accurately read the precise cylinder contents. Software calculates exact cylinder contents from continual pressure sensor and temperature measurements so it is more accurate than analog pressure gauges.  We've also added a readout that shows the amount of gas remaining in the cylinder and the remaining time of use — plus, an alarm (visual + audio) is triggered if the gas in the cylinder is getting low. Patient safety is clearly improved and care givers are able to be more productive.

Going beyond digital technology to find other ways to make VIPRs easier for emergency oxygen therapy, hospital oxygen therapy or home oxygen therapy care givers to use, we've created a compact, ergonomic design that enables simple manipulation. Safety guards protect each valve component to avoid any risk of damage or contamination.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can deploy Rotarex Meditec's digital medical valves to increase safety and productivity, please contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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