Jan 10, 2018

Rotarex Innovation Comes into Focus at Intersec 2018

It's a fact. The pervasive momentum generated by the "Internet of Things" (IoT) is now transforming fire safety.
Rotarex Innovation Comes into Focus at Intersec 2018

Components with embedded digital technologies can now be connected to the Cloud to improve fire protection and increase productivity. And thanks to the highly-skilled R&D resources of the Rotarex Group, Rotarex Firetec is taking the lead in applying the latest high-tech solutions to fire suppression. In fact, you can get a firsthand look at some of our latest technologies and upcoming innovations at Intersec 2018, January 21-23 in Dubai.

Get the inside scoop on DIMES, our game-changing cylinder contents measurement system. For the first time ever, users will be able to check cylinder contents status, perform calibration operations, store installation data and more—remotely, through a user-friendly management app coming soon to multiple device platforms.

Visit Rotarex Firetec booth #3-F22 at Intersec 2018 to learn more. And while you're there, check out our latest product offerings, including:

3" Valve for Fixed Installation Clean Agent Systems

This larger orifice size enables faster agent discharge. Previously, it was hard to discharge the correct amount of agent in 10 seconds from a large tank, so multiple cylinders were required to ensure effectiveness. Now, you can have a larger cylinder with accelerated discharge to meet the 10 second requirement.

New Silent Nozzles for Inert Gas Fire Protection Systems

In many applications, the sonic blast from the discharge of an inert gas fire system can damage sensitive equipment. Take data centers for example, where noise levels must remain under 110 decibels to prevent damage to servers and computers. Inert gas fire suppression is the best option for data centers, and our new silent nozzles reduce the sonic impact from system discharge to a safe level.

UNECE-Compliant Systems for Bus Engines

Our certified FireDETEC Compact Line Vehicle Systems delivers automatic fire detection and suppression for bus engines. Passengers are kept safe, and damage to the vehicle is minimal. Now, bus manufacturers can easily become compliant with the UNECE R107 regulation that will soon make installation of fire suppression systems in bus engines mandatory in many countries and regions.

INEREX® UL-Certified Inert Gas Fire System Components

INEREX is a complete set of components for inert gas fire protection that, when configured into a complete 200-300 bar inert gas total flooding fire system, is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Easy to configure and install, we've done all the necessary compatibility and performance testing so there's no need for additional certification when the components are configured into a system and installed according to NFPA 2001 standards.

We'll also display our comprehensive range of components for CO2 and clean agent fire systems. Plus, our technical experts will be on hand to answer questions and to offer ideas on how to solve your most pressing design or installation challenges.

Thanks to our global footprint, Rotarex Firetec is well established in the Middle East and North Africa, serving customers from our office in the United Arab Emirates. If you’d like to arrange a private appointment with us during Intersec 2018, email me at strobel.charles@rotarex.com.


Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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