Mar 03, 2016
New Life+ VIPR Marks Great Progress in Safer Delivery of Oxygen Therapy
We’ve recently released a new medical VIPR called Life+ that represents great progress in improving the safety of medical oxygen therapy.
New Life+ VIPR Marks Great Progress in Safer Delivery of Oxygen Therapy

Its “all-in-one” integrated design includes a shut off valve, pressure regulator, flow selector, RPV, outlet hose barb and filling port along. And, it comes with an electronic gauge that is powered by an intelligent data management system.

Its smart, modern ergonomic design uses safety guards to protect each valve component and to avoid any risks of damage or contamination. But safer design is just where we started. Life+ is also compact and ergonomic, making it very easy for medical staff and patients to handle and manipulate it with greater safety.

The time has come to replace basic VIPRs that are equipped with standard manometers with an electronic digital system. Life+ gives you a clear read-out of all essential information, so you are able to provide the most accurate and precise patient therapy.

What you’ll find on our digital display includes pressure, contents, alarm, traceability and remaining time of use. And with our advanced management system, you’ll save money over time since you will be able to use just about all of the oxygen in the cylinders.

And there’s more good news. Most VIPRs in service today function only up to 200 bar pressure. Life+ functions accurately up to 300 bar.

We’ve designed Life+ so it can be comfortably integrated into hospital or homecare environments. Life+ has been developed in-house by our R&D and product development teams who have substantial expertise in medical gas cylinder valves and medical gas control equipment. Reflecting our commitment to medical gas safety, it is manufactured in Europe under our strict source-to-process quality control procedures.

If you’d like to learn more about Life+, please feel free to contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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