Nov 26, 2015
New Product Gives LPG Forklifts an Edge Over Electric Models
I’d like to give you some new information that will help you decide whether an LPG forklift or an electric model is right for your business.
New Product Gives LPG Forklifts an Edge Over Electric Models

First, some background. The purchase price of each is virtually the same. The upfront cost for batteries and charging stations ($6,000 USD or more) makes the initial investment in an electric forklift substantially higher. This is counter-balanced by the fact that the ongoing operating cost for LPG forklifts over time is higher – with each cylinder costing between $15 to $25.*

Electric forklifts are basically for use indoors and are the only choice for environments where emissions create a problem, such as in food handling or pharmaceutical applications.

When it comes to handling and performance, LPG forklifts have superior performance, thanks a better power to weight ratio. They deliver stronger power plus faster acceleration and travel speed. For indoor and outdoor use, LPG forklifts are suitable for around the clock operation.

While LPG forklifts perform better in most applications, some people choose electric models because they believe the ongoing expense for LPG gas versus the cost of charging batteries will save a lot of money over time. Plus, LPG forklifts have no fuel gauge and often run out of gas.

But now, with the new MLD minimum LPG level detector from Rotarex SRG, the playing field has completely changed.

Would you still choose an electric forklift if LPG gas expense could be reduced by 23%? And if you knew that your LPG forklifts would never run out of gas?

With MLD sending an alert when the LPG cylinder is low, forklift operators can safely return to the exchange cabinet before running out of gas. And, they can use the full amount of gas in the cylinder. Previously, drivers would usually change a cylinder at the end of a shift, whether or not it was empty. This meant, on average, that 23% of the LPG gas was being discarded - wasting a lot of money.

Now, the decision whether to choose an LPG forklift truck or an electric model hinges much less on comparing TCO over time. By reducing LPG gas expense, MLD has forever changed the financial equation, leaving you to make the choice between forklift models based on other factors.

If you would like to learn more about MLD, please contact me.

*Local market prices may vary substantially.
Fabrice Ficerai
Fabrice Ficerai
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