Jun 13, 2017
Now You Can Find All the VdS Certified Components You Need from Rotarex Firetec
Recently, Rotarex Firetec achieved VdS certification for its CO2 fire suppression system discharge nozzles. This is significant since it means that we now have a complete range of VdS approved components that you can draw from to assemble a CO2 fire extinguishing system.
Now You Can Find All the VdS Certified Components You Need from Rotarex Firetec

You'll have the convenience of sourcing all the VdS certified components you need from one reputable vendor and achieving the highest level of trust in your installations at the same time.

VdS Inspection Services is Europe's leading fire protection system testing and certification company. Well-respected worldwide for its rigorous testing guidelines which often go beyond legal regulations, VdS assesses more than 21,000 fire suppression systems every year. Its testing procedures incorporate national and international standards as well as insurance requirements and regulations from building authorities.

VdS certification gives fire safety system engineers and installers confidence that certified components, equipment or systems correspond to the highest testing standards. And they can tell their customers that they're protected by a system that uses certified components that are proven reliable under the harshest conditions.

The latest addition to the Rotarex Firetec range of VdS approved CO2 system components are pre-assembled and self-assembled discharge nozzles. The pre-assembled nozzles are pre-bored and fully assembled for faster and easier installation. With a maximum working pressure of 300 bar, you can have special orifice diameters upon request. The self-assembled nozzles allow you to drill the orifice to your required diameter. They're easy to stock and are an economical alternative.

Rotarex places high value on achieving certifications from globally-recognized certification agencies. That's why we've develop best-quality products that have been tested thoroughly and gained important international certifications such as VdS, UL, FM, LPCB and SP — as well as other local certifications.

Please contact a Rotarex Firetec expert to learn more about our VdS approved CO2 fire suppression system components.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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