Nov 23, 2017

Featuring Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems at Power Gen International

FM-200 and Novec 1230 fluid Systems Install Directly Inside Critical Equipment
Featuring Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems at Power Gen International

Power Gen International, the world's largest power generation event, is coming up soon and our Rotarex Firetec team will be ready to show you our game-changing FireDETEC automatic fire suppression systems that protect electrical equipment from the inside — closer to sensitive electronic circuitry where a fire can start. Now, by installing FireDETEC's pneumatic detection tube directly inside electrical cabinets or critical equipment, a fire can be quickly detected and suppressed before serious damage can occur.

FireDETEC mitigates even the most critical electrical fire risks, such as combustion from short circuits, overloading or overheating. And by suppressing a fire before a sprinkler system discharges, there is no need for extensive clean-up.

An easily affordable system, FireDETEC gives you fire protection that reduces your risk of losses due to extensive fire damage to equipment and work stoppage.

At Power Gen International, we are featuring our FM-200™ and 3M™-NOVEC™ 1230 fluid systems. These clean agents provide exceptionally effective fire suppression and, at the same time, they are safe for the equipment. Plus, both agents are electrically non-conductive. Our FireDETEC clean agent systems are available with 3lb, 7lb and 14lb cylinders.

Visit Rotarex Firetec at booth # 11012.
When you come by, our fire suppression experts can show you how FireDETEC can be cost-effectively deployed in your facility. They will also describe how you can easily retro-fit it where it will be most effective. Plus, they'll give you a raffle ticket to win a Yeti cooler!

FireDETEC systems are pre-engineered to fit single or multiple electrical cabinets. It's also important to keep in mind that no electricity is required. If a flame-up occurs, the pressurized sensor tubing bursts at the hottest spot and the sudden de-pressurization actuates a valve or bust nozzle that releases the fire suppression agent. Fire detection and suppression are fast and effective. Direct and indirect systems are available.

We're looking forward to seeing you at Power Gen International! If you'd like to arrange a private appointment, please contact me now.

Fabrice Ficerai
Fabrice Ficerai
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