Nov 14, 2016

How Rotarex Automotive Achieved ISO/TS16949 and Why It is Important

After a comprehensive audit conducted by the independent certification agency TÜV Rheinland, Rotarex has received the ISO/TS16949 certification for the design and manufacture of items relating to cylinder valves and gas equipment produced at our Lintgen facility in Luxembourg.
How Rotarex Automotive Achieved ISO/TS16949 and Why It is Important

This is where our Rotarex Automotive unit produces gas control components for global carmakers that build CNG and H2 vehicles.

We’re proud of this accomplishment as it reinforces the hard work we put into maintaining our position as an industry leading supplier of premium quality products. ISO/TS16949 is only awarded after a two-stage audit that evaluates quality management processes in all areas of the company. It covers product design, development, production, shipping, service, support and more.

ISO/TS16949 adds supplementary sections to ISO9001 that specify higher, more stringent quality standards. Developed by representatives of global car companies, it is effectively the voice of our customers. They are telling suppliers that they want us to keep to these higher standards during all phases of product development, delivery and service. The certification is important to us since we are now rated an “A” list supplier, which allows us to provide products to carmakers that demand ISO/TS16949 as a pre-requisite of doing business.

Over decades, we’ve worked with many automotive companies to develop new technologies that improve performance and safety. Uniquely able to provide custom, innovative solutions quickly, we now provide them with pressure regulators, cylinder valves, solenoid valves and more.

The decision to apply for ISO/TS16949 certification was taken by top management as part of a far-reaching plan for company to go beyond ISO9001 and adhere to an even high standard of quality. During the pre-certification audit, the gaps between ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949 in the Lintgen facility were identified. In closing these gaps, we reprioritized processes, made appropriate changes, reconfigured our business process map, analyzed KPIs and much more. This enabled us to look at our outstanding quality management system and make it even better.

As deputy CEO Philippe Schmitz told the company about his vision to propagate ISO/TS16949 quality processes and standards across the entire company, “this is a key component in striving toward continued excellence.”

If you have any questions about the ISO/TS16949 certification or any of our Rotarex Automotive products, please contact me.


Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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