May 11, 2015
See Rotarex’ Complete Range of High Precision Gas Equipment at SEPEM 2015
The SEPEM 2015 event in Avignon is a showcase for innovative technologies, products and services that enable factories to operate efficiently, cleanly and safely.
See Rotarex’ Complete Range of High Precision Gas Equipment at SEPEM 2015

One of 7 SEPEM events held in key regions of France, the Avignon 2015 salon will see 4,000+ visitors from the local region attend. They will come from diverse industries such as petrochemicals, metallurgy, machine manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Over 400 well-known national and international companies will be exhibiting. You can find Rotarex here:

Where: SEPEM Industries
When: 2-4 June 2015
Booth: Hall A # G6

We’d like to invite attendees from all major gas actors, such as gas companies, OEMs, gas equipment distributors and integrators, to visit us. We will be presenting our entire gas equipment range, including:

  • High pressure equipment
  • Gas supply systems
  • Gas regulators
  • Low pressure equipment
  • Instrumentation

You’ll see that you can find, from one vendor, very high quality products that give you global management of a gas installation. A world-leading provider of gas control solutions and products, Rotarex is known for its comprehensive range of products that put safety and quality first. When you talk with our representatives, you’ll also find that we can work with you to develop customized solutions. In fact, many of our successful products have been developed in cooperation with major industry partners. They’ve come to us with a unique challenge and we’ve designed and manufactured an innovative product or system that met or exceeded their requirements.

During the event, we will be featuring our products and solutions for industrial gas control and specialty gas applications. Be sure to come by and learn how our global experience over many decades enables us to produce high precision gas control equipment that incorporates the best, latest and most innovative technologies.

If you would like to arrange a private appointment at the SEPEM Avignon 2015 event, please contact me at

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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