Nov 07, 2016

See UL-Approved Inert Gas Components that Can Be Assembled into a Complete System – and More!

The Fire and Security Shanghai 2016 expo is coming right up. If you’re planning to attend, I’d like to invite you to stop by the Rotarex Firetec booth to see our complete range of high-quality components for fixed fire protection systems, plus our line of pre-engineered FireDETEC automatic fire suppression systems.
See UL-Approved Inert Gas Components that Can Be Assembled into a Complete System – and More!

This year, we have a special announcement…we’ve just released our UL-approved INEREX® set of components for inert gas fire protection that, when assembled according to defined limits and specifications as stated in NFPA 2001, form a complete UL approved inert gas fire extinguishing system.

We’ve made this investment to remove this burden from our customers so they can stay focused on their core business. Getting UL certification is often a pre-requisite of participating in tenders and necessary to obtain fire insurance. So, without effort and expense, you can take advantage of new sales opportunities with a turnkey, UL-approved inert gas system.

We will also be showing our new DIMES digital measurement system for inert gas. It’s the first contents measuring system to give precise results by adjusting for the influence of temperature variation on real gas pressure. It’s a big step forward in fire protection technology as it digitally monitors inert gas fire cylinder contents 24/7/365 – ensuring the readiness of IG fire suppression systems.

As well, on display will be our FireDETEC automatic fire suppression system. It’s a revolutionary way to protect business-critical objects from fire — from the inside. It suppresses a fire at its source, minimizing damage to essential machines and equipment. FireDETEC systems are pre-engineered for CNC machine fire protection as well as automatic fire detection and suppression for electrical cabinets, vehicle engines, commercial kitchens and fume hoods.

I hope we see you at Fire and Security Shanghai 2016. If you’d like to arrange a private appointment during the expo, or would like more information, please contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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