Dec 11, 2014
Rotarex Firetec Innovations in Fire Suppression Systems
By protecting individual fume cabinets from fire, laboratories guard against catastrophic damage and ensure operational continuity.
Rotarex Firetec Innovations in Fire Suppression Systems

Fume cabinets pose an elevated fire risk for laboratories, as numerous potentially volatile chemicals and compounds can come in contact with multiple heat sources. Laboratory fire regulations only mandate the provision of manual extinguishers and overhead sprinkler systems, leaving fume cabinets vulnerable to a fire that can destroy expensive equipment and cause potentially serious damage to surrounding areas. In fact, damage from sprinkler discharge can be worse than that of the fire itself, with cleanup often forcing labs to remain closed for an extended period of time.

Now, to close the protection gap between manual extinguishers and sprinkler systems, there is a new type of fire protection. Known as supplemental fire suppression systems, they enable you to achieve complete protection for specific objects, such as fume cabinets.

What is “Object Fire Protection?”
It is the installation of a supplemental fire suppression system directly inside an enclosed space where there is a high risk of fire. It is recommended for the protection of fume cabinets.

If a fire starts in a fume cabinet, the airflow can quickly spread it throughout the hood and exhaust system. In this case, overhead sprinklers are of no use. That is why many laboratories are now installing automatic fire suppression systems inside fume cabinets.

Supplementary automatic fire suppression systems do not replace sprinkler systems. They extinguish a fire directly where it starts – before it triggers the overhead sprinkler system.

Many different chemicals are used in fume cabinets. This makes it essential to select an extinguishing agent that is appropriate for the specific chemicals in use. Choosing the wrong agent can actually make a fire worse. It’s also important to consider that some agents can cause irreparable damage to sensitive equipment. That’s why Rotarex FireDETEC fume cabinet fire suppression systems offer a choice between CO2 and FM-200 extinguishing agents.

A fume cabinet is a unique environment, with constant airflow moving forcefully through the fume hood and exhaust system. Plus, there are many types and sizes of fume cabinets. This is the reason why Rotarex Firetec has designed the flexible, compact FireDETEC fire suppression system specifically for fume cabinets.

FireDETEC systems are economical and easy to install, and laboratory operators worldwide are discovering that they can save a lot more money than they cost.

To learn more, please download the brochure "FireDETEC Fume Cabinet Systems."

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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