Mar 09, 2016

Visit Our New Website to See World Leading Fire Suppression Valves, Components & Systems

The new Firetec website has just been launched! Now, Firetec Building and Room fire protection systems and FireDETEC Object Protection systems can be found in one next-generation website.
Visit Our New Website to See World Leading Fire Suppression Valves, Components & Systems

Its modern, intuitive design gives you easy access to our complete range of very high quality fire suppression valves, components and systems. And we’ve packed it full of information, catalogs and brochures to help you choose the components or systems that fit your needs.

Visit our new website now!

One section of the website is dedicated to building and room fire protection. Here you’ll find components and accessories for complete state-of-the-art total flooding fire protection systems. Look through it to see fire suppression cylinders, valves, actuators and discharge components for inert gas, CO2 and Clean Agent systems.

Another section contains our innovative FireDETEC fire suppression systems that have pioneered a whole new category of fire protection called “object protection.” FireDETEC is installed directly inside business-critical equipment, vehicles or machinery, suppressing fires closer to where they start.

Be sure to look at the impressive innovations we feature on the site. Our new DIMES product, for example, is a digital measurement system that monitors fire suppression cylinder contents 24/7/365.

The website’s About Us page gives you the full background on why Rotarex Firetec products can be found in over 1 million installations worldwide. With expertise gained over 80 years, we’ve registered over 100 patents — many for products that became industry breakthroughs. You’ll also find out that we’ve been propelled to world leadership thanks to very high quality, unmatched innovation and excellent global service.

Through proven performance, we’ve gained the confidence of system designers, engineers, installers and end-users around the world. They depend on our products to perform as required and count on us to provide new solutions that continually improve fire protection. Plus, our products conform to worldwide standards as you can see on the certifications page of our site.

If you have any questions about Firetec and FireDETEC systems, or comments on our new website, please feel free to contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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