Jan 09, 2017
Visit Us at Intersec – See How Our UL-Listed IG System Components Save Time & Money
If you are attending Intersec Dubai 2017, spending a few minutes at our booth can save you 2.5 years of effort and 500,000 euros! That’s what it took us to get UL listing for our INEREX™ set of components that can be assembled into a complete inert gas fire protection system.
Visit Us at Intersec – See How Our UL-Listed IG System Components Save Time & Money

We made this investment so you don’t have to. We’ll tell you why there’s no need to divert resources from your core business to achieve UL-listing.

Rotarex Firetec is exhibiting at Stand 3-G22 in the Fire & Rescue section.

We’ll have more good news for designers, installers and distributors of inert gas fire suppression systems. Rotarex Firetec just released a new VdS-approved pneumatic directional valve and control box that provides easy multi-zone protection from a single cylinder rack. You get the confidence of VdS approval while reducing installation time, optimizing space and saving money.

And speaking of having confidence in your fire extinguishing system, we’ve recently introduced the DIMES digital cylinder contents measurement system for inert gas. DIMES greatly improves the certainty of cylinder readiness by digitally monitoring cylinder contents 24/7/365. It is unique in its ability to deliver an extremely accurate reading of cylinder contents because it adjusts for temperature differences. Designed for cylinder pressure from 0 to 400 bar, it is 99.9% accurate. Plus, it proactively sends a warning signal in case of leak or drop in cylinder pressure.

There’s a lot more to see at our booth, including our FireDETEC object fire protection systems. Installed directly inside business-critical objects that are at high risk of fire, such as electrical cabinets, CNC machines, commercial kitchens, vehicle engines and more, FireDETEC quickly extinguishes a fire at its source. With this relatively new approach to fire suppression, damage to a machine and surrounding workspace is minimal, there’s little or no clean-up required and downtime is nominal. Offering a FireDETEC automatic fire suppression system to existing customers is an excellent way for distributors and installers to tap into a new source of revenue – without having any additional overhead.

Rotarex Firetec is well established in the Middle East and North Africa, serving customers from our office in the United Arab Emirates. If you’d like to arrange a private appointment with a Rotarex Firetec representative during Intersec Dubai, please feel free to contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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