Apr 29, 2016
Digital Switchover Board Improves Medical Gas Delivery
Lintgen, Luxembourg 29 april 2016 – www.rotarex.com - Rotarex Meditec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced today the release of e-Alpiswitch, the industry’s medical gas supply switchover board with an integrated digital display.
Digital Switchover Board Improves Medical Gas Delivery

To ensure a continuous supply of the medical gas that is essential for safe patient care, hospitals and clinics install redundant supply systems. One medical gas source is in service while the second is held in reserve.

The introduction of e-Alpiswitch is the most accurate way to track the level of available gas in operation or reserve, and to avoid any risks of a breakdown of the system that serves the entire hospital. It delivers complete gas source monitoring that shows cylinder pressure, line pressure, source status (in reserve or in operation) and a low gas level alert. It is also equipped with a prevention and failure alarm system. Switchover from the operational gas source to the reserve is done automatically or semi-automatically.

With e-Alpiswitch digital gas source monitoring, medical staff knows precisely the level of gas that is in operation and in reserve. This enables them to optimize gas consumption and use. Plus, they are alerted when there is a gas shortage through a visual message and acoustic alarm – ensuring safer gas operations.

Featuring an all-in-one compact design, e-Alpiswitch is suitable for oxygen and all medical gases. Empty cylinder replacement and manual reset is easily accomplished without interrupting gas flow, ensuring safety.

“Rotarex Meditec developed e-Alpiswitch,” commented Rotarex Meditec Marketing Manager Solène Garnavault, “in response to the market need for more accurate information that can be used to improve productivity and deliver better patient care. By integrating a digital information system with our existing switchover boards in a nicely designed, compact unit, Rotarex Meditec helps hospitals and clinics optimize gas therapy and gas consumption.”

Visit the company website for detailed product information.

About Rotarex Meditec
Rotarex Meditec provides medical gas safety, control and productivity for confident patient outcomes. It offers one of the industry’s most complete ranges of medical gas control equipment and is the world’s reference for medical cylinder valves. Experience, dedication to quality and technical excellence enable gas companies and hospital gas system installers to be confident that their projects will achieve the highest level of safety and performance. Present in over 65 countries with factories and sales offices in key locations around the world, Rotarex Meditec customers receive the products and services they need wherever they are.

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Paul Delecourt

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