Nov 08, 2017

At Intersec 2018 Rotarex Firetec to Introduce Transformative Digital Innovations

Lintgen, Luxembourg, 8 November, 2017 – - Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced today that it will introduce the DIMES digital management system at Intersec 2018.
At Intersec 2018 Rotarex Firetec to Introduce Transformative Digital Innovations

A system featuring a wireless remote monitoring option, it uses either a local Bluetooth connection to a smart device or a long-distance cloud connection to enable monitoring of gas cylinder contents via wifi anywhere in the world.

To ensure fire safety system readiness at all times, the DIMES digital measurement system for CO2 and Inert Gas monitors gas cylinder contents 24/7/365 through a user-friendly management app that's available for multiple devices. With the innovative DIMES system, users can see gas cylinder contents status, perform calibration operations, store installation data for traceability purposes and perform other functions — anytime, anywhere.

Intersec visitors will find Rotarex Firetec at booth # 3-F22.

Frédéric Begin, Rotarex Firetec Product Manager, commented: "Thanks to the advanced R&D infrastructure of the Rotarex Group, we're taking the lead in developing innovative components with embedded digital technologies that can be connected to the Cloud. Our goal is to improve fire protection and safety while increasing productivity."

In addition, Rotarex Firetec will reveal new products that include:

3" Valve for Fixed Installation Clean Agent Systems
With a larger orifice size, agent filling and discharge is faster. This makes it possible to use larger cylinders while improving the installation time.

New Silent Nozzles for Inert Gas Fire Protection Systems
Silent nozzles reduce the sonic impact of a system discharge to a level that is safe for sensitive equipment, such as servers located in a data center.  

UNECE R107-Approved Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for Bus Engines
Certified FireDETEC Compact Line Vehicle Systems provide automatic fire suppression for bus engines directly inside the engine compartment. Now, bus manufacturers can easily become compliant with the UNECE R107 regulation using the most compact UNECE R107 certified liquid system in the world. 

Rotarex Firetec will also highlight its comprehensive range of components for CO2 and clean agent fire systems. As well, technical experts will be available at the booth to answer questions and provide insights on how to solve design or installation challenges.

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