Oct 17, 2016

Just-Released Alpinox Medical Pressure Regulators Make Oxygen Therapy Safer

Lintgen, Luxembourg 17 October, 2016 – www.rotarex.com Rotarex Meditec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced today the release of the next-generation of ALPINOX medical pressure regulators.
Just-Released Alpinox Medical Pressure Regulators Make Oxygen Therapy Safer

With advanced, user-friendly design, it is now much easier for caregivers to set the prescribed oxygen flow, giving them confidence that they can administer safer oxygen therapy to patients.

Traditional medical regulators lack a human-friendly ergonomic design and can be awkward and intimidating to use. ALPINOX pressure regulators solve this problem with an easy-to-use flow selector knob that makes it simple even for untrained caregivers to correctly set the oxygen flow. It removes the guesswork from oxygen flow adjustment.

Sandra Monteverdi, Rotarex Marketing Coordinator, commented: “Unlike traditional industrial-looking medical regulators, ALPINOX looks more human-friendly, with soft, curved geometry. In fact, it was awarded the Red Dot Innovation of the Year award. And the prominent flow selector dial makes it one of the easiest to use medical regulators on the market.”

Portable ALPINOX pressure regulators are used to deliver oxygen therapy in ambulances and at-home. Since they will see heavy use in transport situations, the new design reduces weight and increases durability. 30% lighter, ALPINOX is easier to carry and handle, and a new plastic outer protective shell makes it very resistant to impact and environmental damage.

Ms. Monteverdi went on to say, “A side benefit of the protective shell is that it is warmer and friendlier to touch. Research shows that caregivers have greater confidence using products that have a more ergonomic and simple human design, and this is especially important in home therapy situations. We’ve also had initial feedback from emergency first-responders who told us they appreciate ALPINOX’ reliable performance and intuitive flow setting, plus its lighter weight.”

Built with outstanding quality, ALPINOX pressure regulators have a maintenance-free lifetime of 10+ years. The impact resistant plastic housing can be easily replaced, keeping ALPINOX regulators in excellent condition for many years.  ALPINOX pressure regulators are CE-marked and approved as medical devices.

ALPINOX is a range of medical gas valves and regulators that help improve caregiver confidence in the safe delivery of oxygen therapy to patients. It is part of Rotarex Meditec’s comprehensive line-up of medical gas control equipment. 

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