Feb 01, 2016

MLD Is The First Completely Reliable Low Propane Fuel Gauge

Lintgen, Luxembourg, 1 February 2016 — Rotarex SRG, part of the Rotarex Group (www.rotarex.com), has developed the first low propane fuel gauge for propane forklifts that is completely reliable in all conditions.
MLD Is The First Completely Reliable Low Propane Fuel Gauge

Called MLD, the low propane fuel gauge is new, patented technology that senses when a cylinder has approximately one half gallon of LPG remaining. This gives the forklift operator sufficient notice - on average up to 10 minutes - to complete a job and proceed immediately to a safe area to exchange cylinders.

The MLD low propane fuel gauge provides important benefits for operators:

Forklifts will never run out of gas
Forklifts will no longer be stranded in the middle of a warehouse. MLD eliminates traffic jams and significantly increases productivity.

Save a lot of money on propane gas
Currently, cylinders are replaced with up to 23% of the propane gas remaining unused. MLD ensures that cylinders will be changed when almost all of the propane has been used.

Safety is improved
Many safety hazards can occur when a forklift runs out of gas in the middle of a task. MLD helps improve forklift safety by ensuring forklifts return safely to the exchange cabinet to replace a cylinder.

Over time, other solutions to solve the “running out of propane” problem have been tried and shown to be unreliable. This is mainly because propane pressure sensors have historically been very inaccurate, due to their sensitivity to changes in the working environment. Now, MLD is the first product that works reliably in all conditions — indoors or outdoors, in extreme heat or cold and when it is sunny or raining. Plus, MLD is effective for any grade of propane gas (or butane) and is independent of the brand of forklift or cylinder used.

Rotarex SRG is uniquely capable of building this highly reliable low propane fuel gauge, as it is the world leader in premium propane valves and regulators. Since 1934 it has applied German engineering expertise to produce breakthrough products that have become industry standards. For example, Rotarex developed the overfill protection device (OPD) in the 1990’s, which is now mandatory in national standards. Over 40 million OPD units have been sold, with Rotarex SRG producing the OPD device for 20lb cylinders that are used for millions of barbecues in the U.S. and worldwide.

In Europe, Rotarex SRG is the leading producer of electronic propane “fill stop” devices. As explained by Rotarex SRG Managing Director Ingo Weinert, “we’ve applied this same proven technology to solve the problem of forklifts running out of gas, as the sensor used for MLD is the same that is in use for propane storage tanks.”

To uphold its reputation for quality and reliability, Rotarex SRG controls the MLD supply chain from the forge through the manufacturing and shipping of the product. In addition, each MLD is individually tested before leaving the factory. MLD has received many approvals, including UL and CE.

According to Mr. Weinert, “many operators prefer the torque and economic benefits offered by propane forklifts, but have hesitated to commit to a propane powered fleet because of the run out of gas problem. Now, with MLD, they can confidently operate propane forklifts that do not run out of gas, and they’ll get better productivity while reducing safety risks.”

About Rotarex SRG
Founded in 1934, the company Schultz Rackow Gastechnik was acquired by Rotarex, SA, in 2000. Now known as Rotarex SRG, it is a world leader in premium quality LPG valves and regulators. Over decades of service to the LPG industry, SRG has gained a deep level of expertise that enables it to respond quickly to customer requests for innovative solutions that solve operational challenges. MLD is now the latest in a long line of technologically advanced products in its LPG portfolio. Alongside MLD, Rotarex SRG produces a full range of FLT cylinder equipment.

About Rotarex
Rotarex designs and manufactures a wide range of very high quality gas control products that deliver peak performance, giving sellers, users or installers of gas equipment confidence that their projects will achieve better success. Developing industry-leading innovation expertise during its 90-year history, the company counts over 100 patents in its portfolio. With ISO certified manufacturing standards and unmatched source through production quality control, Rotarex products perform better, require less maintenance and have a longer life. Rotarex offers the widest range of control products and systems for all major gas applications.

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