Sep 26, 2016

INEREX® Components & FireDETEC® Systems Featured at Fire & Security Shanghai 2016

Lintgen, Luxembourg 26 September, 2016 – - Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA,  announced today that it will attend the Fire and Security Shanghai 2016 expo to present its complete range of high-quality components for fixed fire protection systems, plus its line of pre-engineered FireDETEC automatic fire suppression systems.
INEREX® Components & FireDETEC® Systems Featured at Fire & Security Shanghai 2016

The 12th Fire & Security Shanghai Exhibition will take place from the 9th to the 11th of November, 2016 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. This years’ event will be the largest exhibition of fire protection and security equipment and technology in the history of Shanghai, with hundreds of international companies exhibiting and thousands of attendees coming from around the world. 

Rotarex Firetec will feature its just-released UL-approved INEREX® set of components for inert gas fire protection that can be configured into a complete 200-300 bar total flooding fire system. Charles Strobel, Rotarex Global Marketing Manager, commented: “INEREX components are uniquely easy to configure and install. Plus, we’ve done all the necessary compatibility and performance testing, so there is no need for additional certification when the components are configured into a system and installed according to NFPA 2001 standards.”

During the expo, Rotarex Firetec will present its new DIMES digital measurement system for inert gas. An important step forward in fire protection technology, DIMES digitally monitors inert gas fire cylinder contents 24/7/365 – ensuring the readiness of the fire suppression system. In case of pressure loss, an automatic alert is sent, making it possible to quickly fix the problem and bring the system back to full capability. 

Booth visitors will also be able to learn about FireDETEC, a game-changing automatic fire suppression system that protects business-critical objects from the inside. By suppressing fire at its source, FireDETEC minimizes damage to essential machines and equipment – and total-flooding systems will not be activated. Mr. Strobel elaborated: “With FireDETEC, a fire is immediately suppressed within the object protected. And since the fixed fire suppression system doesn’t activate, businesses can stay up and running as there’s no potential damage to other equipment or extensive clean-up.” FireDETEC systems are pre-engineered for fire protection of electrical cabinets, CNC machines, vehicle engines, commercial kitchens and fume hoods. 

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Businesses, building owners, engineers and installers worldwide confidently choose Rotarex Firetec systems, components and accessories. The company is a world leader in fire suppression valves thanks to the expertise developed over 80 years and an enduring commitment to quality and technical excellence. Focused on innovation, Rotarex Firetec continues to develop breakthrough products that keep people, buildings and equipment safer from fire. In addition, it creates products and systems that improve productivity, require minimal maintenance and deliver outstanding ROI over time. Rotarex Firetec serves customers worldwide from 23 sales & service locations. 

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