May 23, 2017

Rotarex Firetec Launches French & German Websites to Increase Support for Local Markets

Lintgen, Luxembourg 23 May, 2017 – - Rotarex Firetec, a business unit of Rotarex SA, announced today the launch of French and German company websites.
Rotarex Firetec Launches French & German Websites to Increase Support for Local Markets

Deeply committed to serving regional markets, Rotarex Firetec has sales and service centers plus manufacturing facilities in France and Germany. With the launch of these local language websites, it is now easier than ever for German and French speaking fire protection system distributors, designers and installers to get information and specifications about Rotarex Firetec premium quality components, systems and accessories.

The French and German sites feature the same modern design and intuitive interface as the original English website. Content and product information is the same across all websites, and advanced "responsive" website design ensures excellent functionality on all devices.

Mr. Charles Strobel, Rotarex Global Marketing Manager, commented: "We have a large customer base and active, dedicated sales teams in Germany and France as well as other regions where French or German is the native language. Our new multilingual website demonstrates our commitment to provide the highest level of service to these local markets."

The Rotarex Firetec websites showcase its two product families in two sections. The first, building and room fire protection, presents all the components and accessories required to build a complete state-of-the-art Clean Agent, Inert Gas or CO2 total flooding fire protection system. This includes fire suppression cylinders, valves, actuators and discharge components. In addition, users will find information about INEREX®, a complete set of components for inert gas fire protection that, when configured into a complete system according to specifications, are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

The second section contains game-changing FireDETEC fire suppression systems. FireDETEC installs directly inside business-critical equipment, vehicles or machinery closer to where a fire can start. With fast fire detection and fire suppression, damage to vital assets is minimal and businesses can quickly resume normal operation with little loss in productivity.

Charles Strobel continued, "Our multilingual websites, with enhanced search ability and more detailed information about each component, make it easier to find the right products. As well, we have included links to social media sites commonly used in German and French speaking regions, so our site visitors can stay up with our latest product developments and company news."

About Rotarex Firetec
Businesses, building owners, engineers and installers worldwide confidently choose Rotarex Firetec systems, components and accessories. The company is a world leader in fire suppression valves thanks to the expertise developed over 80 years and an enduring commitment to quality and technical excellence. Focused on innovation, Rotarex Firetec continues to develop breakthrough products that keep people, buildings and equipment safer from fire. In addition, it creates products and systems that improve productivity, require minimal maintenance and deliver outstanding ROI over time. Rotarex Firetec serves customers worldwide from 23 sales & service locations.

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