Mar 05, 2021
Why choose Rotarex for your Ultra High Purity application?
The semiconductor industry is booming. Growth is fueled by electronics such as computers, smartphones, digital displays and cutting-edge applications like the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing.
Why choose Rotarex for your Ultra High Purity application?

The semiconductor manufacturing process itself depends on various base materials, including ultra-high purity gases. Because even the tiniest impurity can cause major defects, the reliability of the gas valves and equipment is just as important as the purity of the gas. That’s where Rotarex comes in…

Everything from one source

Rotarex is involved in the complex and demanding semiconductor manufacturing process at two levels. Firstly, at the source of the gas, its comprehensive range of cylinder valves connect to the cylinders of UHP gases, such as Fluocarbons gases or Nitrogen, Carbonated and Silicon gases. With Rotarex, you get a partner recognized as a world leader in UHP cylinder valves. Rotarex cylinder valves are designed with tied diaphragm seal technology and offered with manual or pneumatic actuation for working pressure up to 300 bar. Driven by innovation, Rotarex also pioneered the production of valve with integrated pressure regulation (VIPR) to enhance productivity and safety.

Secondly in the process itself, its gas equipment range, including UHP CGA-DISS cylinder connections, pressure regulators, line valves and fittings, helps control and distribute the gas throughout the industrial process. Every single product of the whole UHP range guarantees excellent tightness, high cycle life and no particle generation to meet the most stringent requirements.

Nearly 100 years of premium quality

Since its beginnings in 1922, Rotarex has built up a wealth of experience in gas applications and currently has over 350 patents in its portfolio as well as a vast internal database of material-fluid compatibility. Rotarex is constantly looking out for the latest trends and innovations with its rapid-response R&D infrastructure, working closely with major players of the gas industry.

UHP gas valves and equipment from Rotarex go through a rigorous and fully integrated manufacturing process to guarantee the highest level of cleanliness, purity and safety. Quality control is carried out each step of the way and individual traceability is guaranteed. The machined parts undergo several intermediate decontamination stages (cleaning, ultrasonic, rinsing) throughout the process. Optionally, parts can also be electropolished for a better surface finish. The final products are assembled and 100% Helium leak tested in a cleanroom.

Wherever you need us, we’ll be there

Rotarex has presence all over the world. We serve Europe from our headquarters in Luxembourg, with local teams in France, Italy, Spain, Russia or Poland. In America, you’ll be taken care of by our offices based in the USA, Mexico and Brazil. As the main production sites for semiconductors are based in Asia, Rotarex has reinforced its local commercial presence and regional technical expertise. With experts operating in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, Rotarex is in the heart of the demand and willing to provide support and efficient supply chain to the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Whether you’re looking for a UHP solution for semiconductors, but also photovoltaics or LEDs, Rotarex is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the highest level of quality and reliability.

Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer
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