Jun 30, 2023
Get to know the Shipping and Invoicing Team at Rotarex
Rotarex offers a wide variety of career opportunities, let’s discover a new one!
We are pleased to highlight the job of our shipping & invoicing team and its daily work by sharing some information and pictures with you. Find out what a Shipping & Invoicing specialist does at Rotarex.
Get to know the Shipping and Invoicing Team at Rotarex

What is a Shipping & Invoicing Specialist's at Rotarex?

Aim of the department is to ship and invoice the prepared goods, with the correct instruction, documentation, and special terms of payment.
The department enables a full supply chain, where the last step – delivery of the goods works as a brand function too. Indeed, if a shipment is wellorganised, the customer will have a good impression of Rotarex. Moreover, the department works as a support service for internal stakeholders – for example, to send the banners to the tradeshows, or product samples from R&D department to new customers, laptops from IT to factories.

Daily we are taking care of up to 75 shipments. The goods are completely different: it can be a little IT dongle as well as 8 tonnes car with the products.

What is the 'typical profile' of a Shipping & Invoicing Specialist?

We ship by road/sea/air. We prepare the customs documents required for export to various foreign countries. Parcels can sometimes contain fragile or even dangerous goods. This makes it essential for the team members to have an expertise in the transportation field either with a dedicated diploma or with significant background experience. However, if a candidate has no experience in logistics, but is fluent in
several foreign languages, that would be considered as an asset for our business communication worldwide. On a daily basis, our team uses up to 5 different languages.

Meticulousness is a required quality, as one detail can change everything. The candidate must also be a team-player. Even though all colleagues are multi-taskers, they often can specialize in one-two fields, so they can advise on the best way to solve an issue.

Which superpower do our Shipping & Invoicing Specialists have?

At work we are super adaptative. As clients and priorities are changing, countries and terms are different – we need to be flexible to provide the best service. In life, we have a superpower to immediately analyse the goods around us. In shop or while ordering something online, when we see the country of export and the type of the product, we can predict the route, delivery time and cost.

What does a typical day of a Shipping & Invoicing Specialist look like?

Different time slots help to organize the timetable. Mornings are the busiest time of the day, that’s why the team start working from 7 A.M. We start answering mails from Asia, and check the parcels from the previous evening, as our warehouse works till 10 P.M. We have pick-ups by carriers with specific hours and we must stop entering data before a certain hour. We have weekly meetings to discuss tasks allocation and workload. We organize a team breakfast on a regular basis, to maintain team spirit and share positive as well as challenging moments and plans.

Daily interactions

Within Rotarex the team communicates with all Front offices and almost every department: Warehouse, Sales, Customer service, Finance, R&D, Project team, Servitec, Laboratory, IT and others. Externally the team is dealing with carriers, drivers, brokers, and banks – depending on the geographical situation, the terms for shipping and invoicing can be completely different.

Composition and structure of the Shipping & Invoicing team

Diversity is the best word to describe the team: there are 8 officers and 1 manager: 6 women and 3 men. We have team members who have recently started in logistics as well as some with +20 years’ experience. We have full-time and part-time employees. Different languages and zones of responsibilities. This is how the experience of everyone creates the value of the team.

What would you advise to a newcomer in your team?

You should be a people-person and be a good communicator. We have a fast-paced environment, so you need to adapt quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – it’s a normal process, and we learn a lot in our team.

What do you like the most in your job?

Positive ambiance within the team, diversity of contacts, cultures and tasks, the possibility to work with different Rotarex products – all this makes our job interesting and versatile!

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