Protect passengers and prevent major fire damage to vehicles
Sep 18, 2017
Compact Line is a complete, pre-engineered fire detection and fire suppression system especially designed to protect an engine compartment against fire.
Protect passengers and prevent major fire damage to vehicles

Compact and economical in use, 4, 7 and 12-liter systems are available to accommodate all vehicle engines of any size. Should an engine fire occur, the Compact Line system ensures passenger safety by extinguishing the fire and avoiding any re-ignition while keeping material damage to a minimum.

Compact Line offers several unique advantages:

- SMART integration due to its compact and unique design.
- Superior safety: The pressurized compartment is in an inner chamber protected from external shocks.
- Easy mounting: Compact Line is safely installed in any position.
- High resistance to vibration & impact.
- Quick extinguishing with prevention of re-ignition: Results of the combination of constant pressure discharge technology and FireDETEC extinguishing agent.

FireDETEC Compact Line delivers:

  • Low life time cost
  • Easy installation
  • Highly dependable (no external power source needed)
  • A choice of suppression agent

In contrast to competitive solutions, FireDETEC Compact Line uses liquid-based extinguishing agents with corrosion inhibitors (for corrosion control of metals) that are very efficient for extinguishing fire and preventing re-ignition. Plus, FireDETEC Compact line is more compact and easier to install due to its dual chamber technology. Unlike other systems that require installation of 2 separate cylinders, FireDETEC Compact Line combines the pressure chamber and extinguishing agent into one, making installation much easier.

To learn more about FireDETEC Compact Line vehicle engine systems, please feel free to contact a Rotarex Firetec expert.


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