LPG Polyvalves

Sep 04, 2018
Quick-filling LPG polyvalve technologies for automobile and forklift applications enable auto-gas drivers to self-fill on LPG at every gas station in Europe without swapping valves that aren't compatible. 
LPG Polyvalves
  • Just one compact, lightweight, brass-body valve does it all
  • Fill up at all gas stations offering Autogas/LPG
  • Features automatic 80% fill-stop device with double back-check enables drivers to fill up more than 50 liters per minute with p>1 bar
  • Integrated liquid level gauge offers accurate, direct read on fuel levels—taking the guesswork out of fill-ups
  • Includes a safety relief valve with a discharge rate that's suitable for LPG tanks under all mounting angles

Now, drivers can enjoy the confidence that comes with easy fill-ups wherever they roam. And companies with forklift trucks (FLTs) can avoid disruptions wherever their worksites may be. 

To learn more about our clip-on cylinder valve technologies, please contact a Rotarex SRG expert.