Series B0480 cylinder valves (12mm) for 200/300 bar inert gas systems
Feb 13, 2018
B0480 Series Valve Technologies
Series B0480 cylinder valves (12mm) for 200/300 bar inert gas systems

Rotarex is the world leader in high-performance cylinder valves for fixed extinguishing systems as well as Ultra High Purity, Medical, Cryogenic, Automotive and LPG applications. They leverage 90-year expertise, vast R&D infrastructure and global scale to provide the most technically advanced and dependable fire suppression valves in the market. Trust Rotarex valves to perform when it most counts.

Rotarex recommends its high-performance Series B0480 valve technology for 200/300 bar inert gas systems. Over 300,000 valves are already in service. The valve is specifically designed for high pressure inert gas applications.

  • VdS and LPCB approved for total flooding fire protection systems
  • Also available in an approved version for UL systems
  • Works with a range of manual, pneumatic and electromagnetic actuators
  • Includes a monitoring port for pressure switch or pressure gauges
  • Fully compatible with our DIMES sensor unit

For specifications, dimensional drawings and order codes, click here.


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