Digital monitoring improves certainty of fire system readiness
Nov 25, 2015
The best fire protection systems are only effective if the fire suppression cylinders are properly charged. This requires regular maintenance to verify cylinder content and pressure.
Digital monitoring improves certainty of fire system readiness

 If a leak occurs in between a regular maintenance cycle, the system discharge could malfunction and compromise fire suppression effectiveness. The consequences can be disastrous.

The DIMES Digital Measurement System from Rotarex Firetec eliminates this risk. By digitally monitoring cylinder contents 24/7/365, readiness of fire systems is ensured. In case of pressure loss, it automatically sends an alert – enabling quick action to fix the problem and bring the system back to full capability.

With DIMES, cylinder contents can be visually verified at a glance with greater accuracy than with pressure regulators. This eliminates the need to periodically dismount and weigh cylinders to verify contents (CO2 systems). Plus, interventions are only needed when the system sends a warning signal.

Through easier and faster system maintenance, operating costs are reduced. This saves time and money over the useful lifetime and quickly pays back the acquisition cost.

There is a DIMES solution for every extinguishing agent: inert gas, chemical or CO2. As well, monitoring software is available to easily configure and monitor the contents of the DIMES system. For every application, DIMES increases the certainty of fire system readiness.

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