Linestar compact point-of-use regulators for laboratories

Mar 13, 2018
The Linestar point-of-use regulator marks a major step forward in laboratory safety and ergonomics. Featuring one of the most compact and ergonomic point-of-uses in the industry, it helps ensure that nearly any specialty gas can be available wherever it is needed—easily.
Linestar compact point-of-use regulators for laboratories

Linestar’s ultra-compact footprint reduces lab clutter significantly. And its design makes it easy and safer to use. And when it comes to installation, the “easy fix” system allows you to place it on the ceiling, table, wall, panel or integrated into your lab furniture. No other point-of-use is as quick and easy to install.

Innovation image

Linestar’s high-tech design ensures ease-of-use. The pressure gauge is integrated into the pressure regulator handwheel and each model can be equipped with an optional flow regulating diaphragm valve. It's easy to check the valve opening, even from far away, as users have 360º visibility of the ¼ turn shut-off valve. Plus, high contrast color selection clearly differentiates the controls from the fixed parts. Now this is Rotarex innovation in action.

Innovation imageTo learn more about Linestar compact point-of-use regulators, connect with a Rotarex expert.