Linestar Integrated Point-of-Use for Laboratories
Feb 07, 2018
Easy Mounting in the Most Efficient Locations - Improving Productivity and Safety
Linestar Integrated Point-of-Use for Laboratories

The integrated valve version of the Linestar point-of-use enables lab designers and furniture manufacturers the ability to place it in locations that achieve optimal productivity. Compact, with a very low profile, it can be mounted on lab furniture and fume hood panels with an easy mount system. Ergonomic and intuitive to use, Linestar helps improve lab safety. Fully compatible with 6.0 gas purity, its advanced design reduces dead-space volumes and purging for less risk of gas contamination. 


  • A pressure gauge is integrated into the pressure regulator.
  • Integrated shut off valve


  • 360º visibility of the 1/4 turn shut-off valve
  • High contrast color selection to clearly differentiate controls from fixed parts
  • Gas sticker indications


  • Improved chemical compatibility
  • Acetone resistant pressure regulator window
  • Hastelloy® diaphragm compatible with all gas types
  • Premium Rotarex quality specialty gas equipment


  • All gas-wetted components are cleaned according to rigorous quality standards
  • Each POU is 100% tested with helium

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