SUPRA: Cryogenic bellows valves for liquid helium and hydrogen
Jan 05, 2022
Rotarex’ bellows valves combine superior tightness with high flow, durability and easy maintenance.
SUPRA: Cryogenic bellows valves for liquid helium and hydrogen

The SUPRA valve is designed for cryogenic fluids. Liquefied gases are used as energy sources for various applications (i.e. fuel cells, cold boxes, research etc.) :

- Sustainable metallic bellows providing a high internal/ external tightness

- Fluid specific seat material as standard options: Metal - Metal on request

- Individual serial number for full traceability

- Electropolished surface roughness

- Thermal insulation

- 100% degreased for Oxygen use

- Ready for vacuum installation

- Available with manual, pneumatic or electric actuator

- Available up to 3”

- Customizable on demand


To learn more about our bellows valves range, connect with a Rotarex expert.


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