Jun 22, 2021
Rotarex introduces the next generation of Alpinox pressure regulators
Lintgen, Luxembourg 22 June 2021 —www.rotarex.com—Rotarex Meditec, the medical business unit of Rotarex S.A., is proud to release the new generation of Alpinox® pressure regulator for medical gases. With innovative, robust and ergonomic design, the new generation combines the best of performances into a lightweight solution.

Next generation of Alpinox® pressure regulators

The Alpinox® device is directly connected to a standard gas cylinder valve, reduces the pressure and sets the flow of medical gases so that it can be safely delivered to the patient. The new generation has been entirely redesigned to improve usability.

What’s new:

The pressure gauge and the flow selection indicator have been repositioned from the top to the side to improve readability, particularly when it comes to taller gas cylinders. The gauge itself has been replaced by a ‘direct drive’ manometer that is much more resistant to shocks and vibrations. Both regulator body and pressure gauge are fully protected by a robust and easy-to-clean plastic cover. In addition, the overall design is 30% lighter than the previous version, increasing usability in emergency transportations, hospital and homecare applications. The Alpinox® new generation benefits from the same technology than Rotarex medical VIPRS. With millions of VIPRS in service around the globe for the last 20 years, the end-user can trust a reliable and proven technology for a 10-year lifetime.

The device is designed to be highly compatible with oxygen and other medical gases. It can be ordered without or with pressure outlet (quick connect), making it connectable with another flowmeter or medical equipment. Additionally, the regulator has a 12 positions flow selector and flow is uninterrupted even between flow settings. It is also MRI compatible since its design is free from magnetic components.

Further configurations are available for purchase: the yoke version designed for pin index valve, the column version as alternative to handwheel for flow selection, and two fixed outlet pressure versions. All configurations are CE marked and each regulator is as well labelled with UDI (Unique Device Identifier) and a data matrix to ensure a perfect traceability.


About Rotarex Meditec
Rotarex Meditec provides high quality medical gas control devices for efficient patient therapies. It offers one of the industry’s most complete ranges of medical gas distribution equipment and is the world’s reference for medical cylinder valves. Present in over 65 countries with factories and sales offices in key locations around the world, Rotarex Meditec customers receive the products and services they need wherever they are.

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Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer

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