Jul 17, 2017

A Tip on How to Improve Your Lab Efficiency

In our research, we work with a lot of labs. We've uncovered three important factors pertaining to gas use at the bench that negatively impact productivity.
A Tip on How to Improve Your Lab Efficiency

First, many labs have not installed second stage pressure regulation at the bench. This means technicians are required to leave and go to the supply area to adjust the gas flow. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can pose a safety risk if an experiment is left unattended. By installing secondary regulation at the lab bench, technicians can adjust gas flow and outlet pressure quickly and easily. This should be a best-practice at every modern lab installation.

Second, lab benches see a lot of activity. Often, they're crowded with beakers, test tubes, papers, computers, scales, trays, a gas point-of-use and a lot more. To work efficiently while ensuring safety, technicians strive to optimize their lab bench workspace and minimize clutter.

Third, many available bench pressure regulation solutions can be cumbersome and difficult to use.

These research insights have led our Rotarex design engineers to create the new ultra-compact Linestar. A point of use that is one of the world's most compact and easy to use, it's very space-efficient. And, we've created multiple mounting options so installers have the flexibility to place it in the location - on or off the bench - that frees up bench space and allows technicians to work most productively.

Additionally, Linestar's innovative, ergonomic design makes it extremely quick and easy to use. For example, it features color coding to ensure proper gas delivery, and the pressure gauge is integrated into the pressure regulation adjustment knob. Plus, users can see the status of the valve at a distance, an important safety feature.

When lab technicians work more productively labs operate more economically. And, when lab equipment integrators and furniture manufacturers select Linestar, they also save time and money since it's easier to install and gives them more mounting options.

To learn more about how Linestar can increase the productivity of your lab, please contact us now.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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