Jun 08, 2017

It Is Official! We have Now Sold 1 Million Fire Cylinder Valves

This month, we're celebrating a major milestone...we sold our one millionth fire cylinder valve!
It Is Official! We have Now Sold 1 Million Fire Cylinder Valves

This achievement now takes its place in the long and distinguished history of Rotarex Firetec. Since 1932 we've designed many breakthrough fire valves that have won awards and set industry standards. And for decades we've manufactured premium quality valves that are ultra-dependable and long-lasting. As a result, we've gained the trust of fire suppression system installers worldwide. Thanks to the support of these valued customers, 1 million Rotarex Firetec valves have been placed in service to protect people and property from fire.

Rotarex Firetec manufactures a complete range of fire cylinder valves for all total flooding fire protection system applications. For fixed installation fire suppression, we offer valves for...

Inert Gas System
Our UL-approved inert gas Series B0480 fire cylinder valve assembly is designed for 200 or 300 bar systems.

CO2 Fire Suppression System
Our CE-approved Series B0480 valve assemblies come with the DIMES digital cylinder contents measuring system that ensures system readiness 24/7/365.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
Our Series B0481 fire cylinder valves come with or without a solenoid actuator and feature a large 49mm orifice for high flow and rapid discharge.

Additionally, Rotarex Firetec helped invent the object fire protection category with its FireDETEC pressure differential valves. FireDETEC pre-engineered automatic fire suppression systems install directly inside business-critical equipment and machinery such as:

CNC Machines
Electrical Cabinets
Vehicle Engines
Commercial Kitchens

For fire extinguishers, we are long-time producer of fire extinguishing valves. In fact, Rotarex Firetec invented the squeeze grip handle technology that is commonly used today.

Although valves represent our core business, we offer a complete range of components that can be assembled into complete certified fire protection systems. For example, our new INEREX® set of components can be assembled into a complete UL-approved inert gas system. We've invested in key certifications so system engineers and installers can comply with safety and insurance requirements without having to spend the time and money to achieve certifications themselves.

As we start on the way to selling our 2 millionth valve, you can count on Rotarex Firetec to maintain the trust of our customers by producing best-quality products that perform reliably and last longer. As well, we will give them excellent service with on-time delivery and value-added engineering support.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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