Feb 06, 2017
How Cartridge Technology Transforms Medical Gas Terminal Units
There’s no doubt that the socket of a medical gas terminal unit gets a lot of hard use. It’s subject to constant connection, disconnection and reconnection many times per day, every day throughout years of service.
How Cartridge Technology Transforms Medical Gas Terminal Units

Even the most durable sockets made from the highest quality materials wear down over time and need maintenance. Or, sometimes, replacement.

Until recently, the only way to refurbish a socket was to dismantle the entire bed head unit. This process can be costly and time-consuming. To solve this problem, our Rotarex Meditec engineers came up with a simple, yet visionary solution. They consolidated all components that are subject to wear and tear into a removable cartridge that is easily accessed.

Now, to perform standard maintenance, the cartridge can simply be removed from the base block. This can even be done when the system is under pressure. The base block and connectors remain in place as the replacement cartridge is inserted, so the system is quickly back in service. There’s hardly any downtime and maintenance expense is greatly reduced.

We call this leading-edge terminal unit ALPI-CONNECT. Now, it’s an integral part of our medical gas equipment range that has all the components you need to build a complete medical gas pipeline system – from source to patient.

We’ve also designed ALPI-CONNECT medical gas terminal units to make connection and disconnection effortless and seamless. By reducing wear and tear on the socket, less maintenance is required. And, by making it easier for caregivers to use, we’ve improved patient safety.

ALPI-CONNECT’s universal base block design is compatible with all national sockets and all medical gas types, and is available with multiple configurations. It comes with accessories for any possible patient room configurations, allowing flexible placement in locations such as main bed head units, ceiling pendants, walls or panels. We’ve also made sure that its modern, comfortable appearance blends with the décor of today’s hospital rooms.

We’ve built ALPI-CONNECT with the highest quality and it’s certified compliant with national and international standards. If you’d like to know more about how ALPI-CONNECT can save you time and expense, please contact me.

Mélissa Cromer
Mélissa Cromer
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