Nov 09, 2016
How This LPG Multivalve Can Revolutionize LPG Cylinder Manufacturing
At the upcoming World LPG Forum in Florence, we’re featuring our new, LPG multivalve. I hope you’ll be able to stop by our booth, #E3-E4, and see it. It’s the first valve that integrates 5 standard components into one assembly.
How This LPG Multivalve Can Revolutionize LPG Cylinder Manufacturing

This revolutionizes LPG cylinder manufacturing, since only one cylinder opening is needed instead of the 5 that were previously required to accommodate each separate component.

For use with steel or aluminum cylinders, the multivalve eliminates the need for a complex layout with multiple couplings, metal tubes and brackets within the cylinder. This simplifies the cylinder manufacturing process, saving time, money and weight.

The multivalve also allows manufacturers to produce the same cylinder for many different applications, since the valve is easily re-configured as needed. Liquid withdrawal or vapor withdrawal – both are easily accommodated. Plus, it’s an easy option to integrate an 80% automatic fill-stop valve or electronic gauge into the multivalve if you require it.

At the same time, this single multivalve is lighter than the 5 separate components that are in use now. This makes a real difference for owners of mobile homes and RVs — or for any other LPG application for that matter. Lighter weight also makes handling and installation much easier.

Even with a mono-body assembly, each component is accessible for repair and maintenance. So, in the unlikely event that maintenance or repair is needed, you don’t have to replace a complete valve.

This multivalve is one of many game-changing innovations we’ve developed over the course of our 80 years of operation. We invented fill-stop valves, for example, and now have the industry’s most comprehensive range. As well, we’ve invented MLD - the first reliable low propane fuel gauge for forklifts. Visit us at the World LPG Forum and see them for yourself. If you can’t make it and want more information, please feel free to contact me.

Fabrice Ficerai
Fabrice Ficerai
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