Jun 13, 2017
Digital Remote Monitoring of Medical Oxygen Sources Increases Productivity
Ensuring accurate and uninterrupted gas flow is essential for safe medical oxygen therapy. This requires 24/7/365 monitoring of gas cylinder contents.
Digital Remote Monitoring of Medical Oxygen Sources Increases Productivity

Hospital personnel and home care givers are required to conduct physical inspections and take action when needed. Especially in facilities with multiple sites, this process can be time consuming. And if, for any reason, there is a delayed reaction or missed inspection, the health of the patient is at risk.

To help care givers better manage this vital process, Rotarex Meditec has integrated advanced digital technologies into its VIPR medical valves. Now, it is possible to remotely monitor cylinder contents, reducing the need for constant physical inspection. Care givers can conveniently monitor individual or multiple tanks from a single remote device. We provide two options for user-friendly remote monitoring through a smart phone, tablet or computer: the first uses telemetry to send a blue tooth transmission and the second transmits a signal to the Cloud via 3G or Sigfox wireless networks. Personnel can access data anytime, anywhere via the Internet through a simple to use app or interface.

Care givers can be completely confident that they always know gas cylinder contents and remaining cylinder time — and that they will be alerted if the patient's oxygen supply needs immediate attention.

Apart from remote monitoring capabilities, Rotarex Meditec incorporates advanced therapy management features.  Electronic measurement technology is more accurate than conventional analog solutions. By adjusting for variations in temperature, we make sure you get a true oxygen level reading. And integrated software calculates and displays the exact time remaining so the caregiver can better manage the gas therapy supply.  And to make visual inspection easier and more accurate, we've replaced analog dial gauges with a digital read-out that makes it easier to read cylinder contents accurately.

Rotarex Meditec's advanced digital technologies and remote monitoring functionality are available on medical VIPRs and ALPINOX medical oxygen regulators.

To learn more about how we can help improve patient safety and the productivity of maintenance personnel and home care givers, please contact me.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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