Jun 15, 2016
We Have Just Released the First Stainless Steel Integrated Valve for Calibration Gas Apps
We’ve just introduced another exciting industry first for calibration gas applications. Designed for the wide range of specialty gases used to calibrate analyzers, Ducal is the first stainless steel valve that integrates a cylinder valve and pressure regulator.
We Have Just Released the First Stainless Steel Integrated Valve for Calibration Gas Apps

Why’s this all-in-one combination important? Gas Control Safety.
With no need for separate components and connectors there are fewer potential gas leak points. Plus, an innovative and ergonomic molded plastic protection guard makes Ducal safer – and easier – to use.

Why is premium stainless steel material important? Purity.
With components made of premium material, Ducal ensures the quality of gas mixtures and preserves the required properties for calibration applications.

Ducal’s pre-engineered design gives you a complete solution to optimize your calibration gas supply. It’s also compact and lightweight, making it ideal for mobile applications.

And we’ve been sure to make Ducal extremely accurate. Its high precision pressure regulator delivers a very low Irregularity Factor of only 7%. You get highly precise calibration gas regulation with continuous flow, stability and excellent performance.

Ducal requires little maintenance over its long guaranteed lifetime, and has been tested in accordance with ISO 22435 – ISO 10297 standards. It is now part of Rotarex’ new range of calibration valves with pressure regulators. To learn more, please download the Ducal brochure.

Paul Delecourt
Paul Delecourt
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